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Monday, 2 June 2014

Stolen Daisy: A Novel by Rachael Isaacson

Stolen Daisy: A NovelStolen Daisy: A Novel by Rachael Isaacson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I do not know why this books hasn't got more reviews. If you have it to read, bump it up your TBR list, if you haven't got it, buy it. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, the author Rachael Isaccson is a very good story teller. I was hooked on her every sentence.

I am not going to give much away about the book as the blurb should definitely get your interested enough to read it.

Samantha [Sam] is a young child who has had to grow up fast to look out for her three year old sister Daisy. Their Mother is an utter waste of space. But this story is MORE than just neglected children, yes, yes, books like this have been written before, except, there is an underlying hidden piece of information about the Mother that doesn't come out until toward the end. Its more of a thriller to me of sorts.

I absolutely loved the book. I would urge anyone to read it and dare to say that they didn't get pulled in by little Daisy and her cute obedient ways, and her little voice you hear in your head that belongs to this sweet little girl.

For Sam, the one who has to be resilient. The strong one, I admired her so much.

The hidden underlying things that came out, happened and topics brought out of what happens in real life......makes you think.

My thanks goes to the author for allowing me to read this book as my insistence! I loved it.

A dark past. A dangerous secret. A deadly disappearance. 

Samantha Beckett has one goal of her 12-year-old existence: the 
safety of her three-year-old sister. And that responsibility is just 
enough to keep her head above the tumultuous waters of their 
mother's rage. Then one stormy spring day Samantha comes face 
to face with her worst nightmare, and she knows her world will 
never be the same. 

Will Sam find the courage 
To trust the police 
before it’s too late? 

The fate of this young girl rests in the proficient hands of Detective 
Brody, but even with a dream team of law officials on his side, time 
is quickly running out. The investigation is surrounded by secrets 
and deception at every turn, and the closer Brody gets to the truth, 
the more he understands what’s at stake…and it is almost more 
than he can bear


Sometimes, we do not want to take a chance on an unknown author, waste of money I hear some say, others say, ah if its cheap, its cheap and nasty inside. DO NOT BELIEVE IT.

This book for instance is one of my top 20 so far this year, I thoroughly loved it and will be stalking this author for her next book!

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