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Friday, 16 May 2014

The Herb Gardener by Maris Morton

The Herb GardenerThe Herb Gardener by Maris Morton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was quite a challenging book in parts, but I stuck with it and ended up liking it a lot.
It was the dialogue which made me have to re read in parts, but I LOVED that, as it makes it more real. I love Australian based books g'day to ya!

Once I got the hang of it I was well away.

The opening pages were good, because I'm a bit shallow, if I have to struggle in the first few chapters I get bored easily, I have to be honest, but this one kept me turning the pages.

Leaving her big hometown with her daughter in the back of the car and heading for a small little place in the Country, well, its a quite a bit of a challenge wouldn't you agree? and she has more than one challenge as she and Chris the farmer hook up, but all is not as it seems, as any true love romance, not always does things go to plan. But this is more than that, someone's death puts a spanner in the works which could ruin everything.

Yes, this book kept me well entertained. I liked it.

Thank you to Odyssey Books for allowing me to read this book

Still hurting after a painful divorce, Joanna leaves the city, moving with her six-year-old daughter Mia to a country town. She’s looking for a better, happier life, and when she meets farmer Chris Youngman, she discovers the possibility of a future as a farmer’s wife.

Joanna is at first dismayed by the unexpected isolation of the farm, but Chris’s affection helps her to adjust. Then the unexplained death of a young farm worker brings complications she could never have imagined, and Joanna has to fight for her happiness, her family, and even her own life.

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