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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Dreaming of Dayton by Carolynn Carey

Dreaming of Dayton (Barbourville, #4)Dreaming of Dayton by Carolynn Carey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You just can't beat a good, well written romance sometimes can you?
And this is just the one.

Jill had been inlove with Dayton since forever, but they have six years between them. Dayton I don't think at first saw her in that way.

Jill has a change to get away, so she moves, she's not alone as she is near lots of people she grew up with and people that she knew. She opens a soup bowl cafe.

She's there getting her life moving forward when......
Dayton turns up.

As you can imagine, all sorts of things go wrong, things happen, but will they get together in the end or will that six year age difference REALLY make a problem between them.

Well written book. I hadn't read any of the previous books in this series but it didn't seem to make me feel I've come in the middle of something, it can very well be read as a stand alone book.

I was happy to get this from the author Carilynn Carey via Net Galley.

This is a sweet romance. Jill Taylor has had a crush on her best friend’s uncle, Chicagoan Dayton Vance, since she was a teenager. Unfortunately, Dayton insists that Jill is too young for him even though only six years separate them. Finally, having given up on Dayton, Jill closes her Atlanta counseling practice to follow her friend Megan to Barbourville, Tennessee, where she opens Jill’s Soup Bowl in a renovated Victorian house. Jill is contentedly settling into small-town life when Dayton’s appearance on her front porch disrupts her peace and has her questioning her real reasons for moving to Barbourville. Attorney Dayton Vance, one of triplets, was born a few minutes before either of his brothers, Dallas and Denver, and he’s always felt responsible for both of them, along with his niece Megan. When those three end up living in Barbourville—a move Dayton considers ill advised—he wonders where he’s gone wrong. Because Jill Taylor is the only counselor he knows who is acquainted with his entire family, Dayton flies from Chicago to Atlanta to consult her. Horrified when he discovers Jill has moved to Barbourville to open a restaurant, he hunts her down to complain, only to end up in her kitchen the next day peeling potatoes and asking himself how he managed to lose control of his plans so completely. Can the town of Barbourville work its usual magic and help two obstinate people discover that following their dreams will lead them in the right direction, no matter where they live?

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