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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Love List by Deb Marlowe

The Love ListThe Love List by Deb Marlowe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Its been a very very long time since I read an historical romance. I went 'off' of them due to the 'sameness' over and over again as in a lot of romantic books lately.

I read some reviews prior to me requesting to read this from Aspendawn Books via Net Galley. I had read one of this authors books before but a while back.

Based on the year [1800's] it was true to form, the lady in the story seemed to lack excitement, but then again, a "proper" brought up lady in society didn't show emotions in those days unlike what is plastered all over books now a days. I like the middle between both.

The one thing that kept me reading this was the actual Love List. That was the bit that kept my attention, I must say, I struggled with it. But that is not the authors fault, its more mine. It just reminded me why I veered away from this type of read.

The Harris List of Covent Garden Ladies, that wickedly witty annual register of the city's lightskirts, was once a grand London tradition. Now, as all of Europe is celebrating the end of the long wars, the scheming Lord Marstoke has revived it--and transformed it into a weapon to be used against his runaway fiancĂ© and the old enemy who helped her escape. 

A List no respectable lady wishes to be on . . . 

Miss Brynne Wilmott escaped the monstrous Marstoke once, with the inadvertent aide of Nathan Russell, the Duke of Aldmere, and the incredible generosity of Hestia Wright, the former courtesan pledged to help any woman in trouble. But now Marstoke's Love List is threatening her new future--and making her into a weapon forged to destroy her friend. 

The request a certain Duke has no wish to hear . . . 

The Duke of Aldmere doesn't believe in meddling. Fate has proven that interfering in personal matters only leads to bigger troubles and personal relationships come at a high price--too often paid by someone he cares for. He has no wish to involve himself in Brynne Wilmott's affairs, despite her spirited beauty and damned tempting mouth. But she's discovered that his brother is mixed up in this business as well, and reluctantly, they agree to work together. Their search leads them through some of London's most dangerous haunts and it quickly becomes clear that Marstoke's plans are more twisted and treasonous than anyone has suspected. Yet the danger and intrigue are as nothing compared to the effect that Nathan and Brynne have on each other . .

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Sole Intention by M.A. Comley

Sole IntentionSole Intention by M.A. Comley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I remember bumping into this author when I first got a Kindle for Christmas some three years ago now. I didn't know anything about daily free books until someone told me that on Amazon there is a forum especially for Kindles and questions and people add links to daily offers of free downloads.

This is where I came upon Mel's first ever book I read. I then discovered an author page on there where authors would promote their books, I got to speak to her and a few others that I am still in contact with even now, but this time, via Facebook and my friends Facebook for authors page [2 friends promote with authors]

This book was on net galley where M.A. Comley was asking for people to read and review her book, well, when I saw it, I jumped at the chance.

This book starts off with a woman running, she is escaping someone or something. She falls, he catches up with her.

Meanwhile her husband has reported his wife missing. First of all it looks like an unhappy wife running away, but then other things spring to light. This is no usual case, there is more sinister motives that become uncovered as time reveals.

This book had be entertained this afternoon whilst having to have my painkillers, feet up, shoulder in a sling, it took me away into a painless zone all mapped out from this superb story telling of M.A. Comley,

If you haven't read any of her books, may I urge you to do so.

Thank you M.A. Comley for allowing me to read and give my honest opinion on your writing.

Former police officers Ellen Brazil and Brian Lynx have joined forces to start a successful missing persons investigation firm which has just been contracted to find the wife of bodybuilder Will Endersbe. Ellen discovers that a number of women with similar features and hair colour have also vanished in the Worcester area. Ellen and Brian suspect a serial kidnapper is to blame, and without a body, the police are happy to leave the case in their hands to solve.

Hoping the women are still alive, Ellen digs for clues and races to find the women, despite her troubled private life and a meddlesome stepfather with a violent secret

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Over My Live Body by Susan Israel

Over My Live BodyOver My Live Body by Susan Israel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was attracted to this book by the cover. Yes I know, I'm sad!
Then the title. It made me wonder what it was all about. "live" body?

After reading the blurb I dived in and requested it to read. I was given a complimentary book from The Story Plant via Net Galley which I am very grateful for. Thank you.

Its suspense, edge of your seat thriller.

She is a sculptor by trade, but its not made it big time yet, so to get extra money for food on the table she models nude.

She gets phones calls which her husband is suspicious off, he keeps thinking she is having an affair, its far removed from the truth as it can be.

She has an admirer? Or a stalker?

This book kept me riveted and entertained this morning. Highly recommended.

Delilah is accustomed to people seeing her naked. As a nude model, a gig that keeps food on the table while her career as a sculptor takes off, it comes with the territory.

But Delilah has never before felt this vulnerable.

Because Delilah has an admirer. Someone who is paying a great deal of attention to her. And he just might love her to death.

The debut of a shockingly fresh voice in suspense fiction, OVER MY LIVE BODY will work its way inside of you

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Entwined by Samantha Jacobey

Entwined (New Life, #3)Entwined by Samantha Jacobey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book 3 in the series [I believe there will be book 4.5,6 and 7]

I am always a bit reserved when it comes to series that have so many book attached to them.
My reason is this:

I usually enjoy book 1. If I don't, then I try book 2, if that is ah, no, then I leave the rest.

Sometimes authors give what they readers want, OK, I am OK with that, except, can the author deliver it as good and as interesting and as awe inspiringly captivating as previous books in that series. A lot can get weaker with POV series. I have a 'thing' about these, sorry, but its my humble preference.


I was captive with book #1, I was eagerly reading book #2, breathing heavy by the time I got to book #3.

Tori is the CAPTIVE, I felt myself as the reader being the victim of an awe inspiring, emotional, angst, strong character, rollercoaster ride of emotions.


We now see Tori's life settling a bit. She can now safely leave the 'safe house' and start a new life for herself. Is it going to be easy though.

Henry [who we met in book 1 who was kind to her and had advice for her, leaving her with a key to something she didn't know what was at the end of it], Henry's brother now comes into the picture who promised Henry before his death, that he would keep Tori safe.

They find the box that the key belongs to, and hence the journey begins.

Tori never ceases to amaze me, she is one strong cookie. Yes she has her weaknesses as we all do, but with what she has gone through could have broken her. Yes it did, but not right through, it left cracks in her character, it left scars on her physically and emotionally. Getting through it all has been a remarkable experience for her and for me!

This author has a great way of telling this story, I don't know how she came up with this, but its an awesome read.

If you've not bought book 1 and 2, do so, you need to read the previous books before reading this one. They are NOT stand alone.

My hat goes off to this author, I just wish I had read these before.

Entwined - A New Life Series
Book 3 of A New Life Series

There is nothing crueler than getting a taste of something you’ve fought hard to reach, only to have it ripped away, sending your world into a tailspin

Tori wants to put the past behind her, but it’s a daunting task when you have the FBI trying to force you back into the life you’ve escaped. When a ghost from her past visits, it could be the leverage they need to do exactly that ”" put her back into the game of murder and deceit. Tori has decided to run, in an attempt to protect her new friends, by fleeing from LA.

Wanting a place to call home and feel safe from the madness, she sets out with a plan to disappear and hide in anonymity. Her idea only holds one flaw ”" a man she can’t shake, who won’t take 'No' for an answer.

She soon discovers that getting a new life means she must first lay to rest the demons of her past.
˃˃˃ Book 3 of 7 in A New Life Series

This is the third in a series that chronicles the life of a young woman who is raised by a group of men who work as freelance mercenaries in the dark world of drug trafficking and murder for hire. They acquired the young woman at a very young age, as she has no memory of life before them. This book opens as Tori is visit by a ghost from her past... should she run or is he here to help?

You can see the book trailer for Entwined here:

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Bound by Samantha Jacobey BOOK 2

Bound (New Life, #2)Bound by Samantha Jacobey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

THIS IS BOOK 2 You must read book 1.

After reading and fully giving 5 stars to Samantha Jacobey for her book 1, I was thinking, is this the book that will let it down? Sometimes I find authors write book one, book 2, book 2.05 etc, and it gets rather tedious for me. OK I'm not easily pleased!

I read a lot of books I guess, so far this year I have read 145 books, so I guess I'm getting choosey.

Boy was I in for a shock! This book was just as good at the first one.

Tori is now trying to start a new life.

After reading book 1, I wondered how she could 'get' a new life. She's under protection, but I was thinking more inline with her scars, not just physically but mentally too. I wondered if this would make her into something she thought was 'normal' reacting to guys like it was 'normal' doing things like it was 'normal'.
What could be normal to Tori after the life she has been made to live. Could she recover?

What was more exciting was......was she going to escape the wrath of the "Organization" me finks not!!!

As the blurb says, One day someone handsome charming and oh so nice came into her life.......there began the sequence of events.

I am in awe of this author, where does she dream up this demanding storyline to read book 3!

Oh BTW you just HAVE to buy these books!!!

Bound - A New Life Series
Raised by bikers and held by the FBI, Tori Farrell has literally walked over dead men to get to where she is today.
When she broke the ties to her dark and twisted life with the Dragons, she thought it would give her a fresh start and a chance to live a normal life. However, she soon discovered the demons from her past have no desire to let her go.
Bound to a halfway house under orders of the FBI, Tori takes things day by day, working to move forward and to face her own addictions. With her true identity a mystery and no family to turn to, she must learn to accept the love and support of those around her. When a mysterious and charismatic man walks into Tori’s life, she believes she’s finally found someone who wants her for who she is. But sometimes danger doesn’t hide cloaked in darkness”�it comes out into the light of day in the form of a smooth talking bad boy who appears to be everything you’ve been looking for, but is really the one thing you should be running from”�
This book is intended for readers 18+ and contains scenes that may cause distress to some readers: Domestic Abuse, Kidnapping, Rape and Substance Abuse are described in detail.

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Captive by Samantha Jacobey

Captive (New Life, #1)Captive by Samantha Jacobey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG the blurb underestimates this book! Its called CAPTIVE and I was certainly the victim of this book!

I had an accident last Thursday which has laid me up, so I've done nothing but read and play games on my PC. I couldn't do anything except read this series.

This is the first book in the series. Let me tell you, its intense.

Tori is the girl. The life she has lead was unbelievable, but very impressionable. Left her with more than physical scars.

I'm not going to spoil this story. I'm just going to tell you what my reactions were to it.

I was crying for Tori. I could she how her 'knuckling' down and just 'getting the job done' was all the choice she had really. One option. I defy anyone to say otherwise!

One minute when the men were being nice to her and bathing her I was, aww, then ANGRY at myself for even giving them any sentiment at all!

What this story has now done, is lead me onto book 2, and I flipping can't wait!

Captive - A New Life Series
To what lengths would you go to break away from a life filled with pain and suffering?
Tori Farrell has lived a dangerous life. When you grow up with a Motorcycle Gang of Mercenaries and Drug Lords like the Dragons, a normal life is more like a fairytale. For years, she accepted her dark reality, a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. In the end, she learned the most valuable lesson: survival.
After years of being ruled by the Dragons, Tori uses her skills of seduction and assassination to free herself from the grasp of the people who vowed they would never let her go. Taken in by the FBI, she fears not everything is what it seems, and soon finds herself lost in a web of lies and deceit. She thought getting away from the Dragons would put her on a path to a new and better life, but now she must face the cold hard truth”� there is always a price to be paid.
˃˃˃ Excerpt
"Quietly, he explained to her that he was going to arrange for another group to kill the Dragons and send her to live with someone who would take care of her. Not understanding, she asked why she would have to go with someone else. If the Dragons were dead, why couldn't she just go with him? He refused to explain, and simply said, "You are going to have a different life, baby girl. A life I cannot give you. You must be strong and willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen. Promise me you will do this...."
˃˃˃ Book 1 of 7 in A New Life Series
This is the first in a series that chronicles the life of a young woman who is raised by a group of men who work as freelance mercenaries in the dark world of drug trafficking and murder for hire. They acquired the young woman at a very young age, as she has no memory of life before them. The book opens as she has broken free and moves through a series of current events and flashbacks that explain the beginning of her story. It is very dark with an unfinished feel, because in the end, the past is not the real story - the real story is what happens from here.
This book is intended for readers 18+ and contains scenes that may cause distress to some readers: Domestic Abuse, Kidnapping, Rape and Substance Abuse are described in detail.

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Perfectly Damaged by E.L. Montes

Perfectly DamagedPerfectly Damaged by E.L. Montes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This book was very close to my heart, it deals with the psychosis of schizoaffective disorder.
Its very close to Bi Polar [which my husband is afflicted with, but the hallucinations and voices are good ones] but still have chronic mood swings from highs, to lows.

If anyone has any dealings with mental health [psychosis] they will understand how trauma affects the illness. As did in this young ladies case.

It also can be hereditary in some cases, as we learn from this book, hence the hard time relatives can have dealing with someone who has a mental illness. Its not easy, as we can see in this book. We see how the Mom is and how the Father is towards her, unfortunately, because still to this day the stigma it has can push people away, or people choose to stay away from things they are 'scared' of not realizing they are isolating that person too. Not just the illness.

I loved the relationship that was formed with Brandon.

The relationship she had with her friend was GREAT, it really did make me smile many a times as it was truly what was needed on many occasions.

I'm not giving anything away with this story, its toooooo good for that!

E L Montes has written a truly amazing book, the insight to how a person feels with this illness, how life can be 'normal' and how medication plays a part, as do we.

I was given this book to read from a blog tour, I truly do feel blessed to have come across this book, without being involved in this tour I would most probably have missed the chance to read this book.
Schizoaffective disorder: a mental illness in which a person experiences a combination of mood disorder and schizophrenia symptoms.
I know about this illness—very well—because I suffer from it. It’s been four years since my diagnosis, and ever since, I’ve been living in a dark hole. Voices constantly invading my thoughts. Hallucinations. All of which force me to question if what I’m experiencing is even reality.

But here I am, still hanging on, still breathing and living through it.

That is, until he stumbled into my life. Logan Reed. I don’t want any part of him. I’ve pushed him away, but he isn’t easily deterred. I’ve told him I’m different, but he doesn’t care. He’s trying to slowly break me down. I’m trying just as hard not to let him. He doesn’t know how truly damaged I am; what will happen when he does?

I know the truth—he’ll never be able to look at me the same way again. Just like everybody else

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Choices by S.R. Cambridge

ChoicesChoices by S.R. Cambridge
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given this book to read in exchange for my honest review.

I was looking forward to reading this book due to its contents.
Rotten abusive husband + marital affair. How would that equal out I wondered.
I won't give the game away on that one, but it made for real interesting reading, there is no one that would 100% agree with an affair when married with children surely?

This topic was handled in such a way that it made me think. OK, bad abusive husband, does this mean that I should find someone else to fill the gap, take me away from it all? Or should I be sorting my life out to protect my children.

The girlfriends conversations in this story made me laugh sometimes, taking me away from the serious aspect of the topic.

I thought the author did a very good job with the story, the only thing that let it down was the formating, but I have been in contact and its being addressed, so on that merit I have given it 4 stars.

This is fiction, I reminded myself. But the aspect of how she threw herself into the affair with a younger man whilst seeking love, comfort and happiness with not only sexual abandon but family abandon left me breathless. Yes fiction, but I kept saying, "she's a Mom".

Seeking happiness away from her abusive long term husband into the arms of someone else made me think, where on earth was all this going to end. Surely she should have ran out on her marriage, ended it, found happiness that way and for her children?

You will have to read this book to see which she chooses.

Just wait until the format is corrected.

One never truly knows what goes on behind closed doors in a marriage. On the surface Laurel Brittingham’s life is idyllic but when you dive below the sparkling facade and submerge yourself within the murky, slimy sand at the bottom, life is never as it appears. 
Laurel is a devoted, loving and loyal wife and mother. She married her high school sweetheart and created three new young lives during her marriage to Paul, all the while denying and avoiding the role his demons played in their marriage. Laurel’s only saving support system, other than her three children is her rewarding career as a nurse and her three gal pals that she cherishes beyond words. Addictions, anger and emotional abuse are the cornerstone of her marriage until one day life presents an interesting choice. 
Laurel wasn’t looking for him, she wasn’t seeking him out. Laurel was loyal; for better or worse weren’t just vows they were a way of life. Fate or destiny introduced a much younger man into her life; a much younger man who was also the son of a good friend. Brandon turned her world and her heart inside out and upside down. Their love was undeniable and soul mending. 
Unfortunately, everything has a price. Their relationship unravels a web of lies, betrayal, abduction and deceit. What Laurel doesn’t know is how close to home this ugly web of lies comes. Laurel begins to travel down a path of shocking truths with twists and surprises she never fathomed, even saving a soul she never thought possible. She’s forced to make choices that will affect her family, her friends, and her happiness but most importantly may destroy the very life she holds dearest.

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