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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Losing Connor by Amanda Alberson

Losing ConnorLosing Connor by Amanda Alberson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If I could give this book more stars then I would!

This book left had me so gripped, I was feeling so sad for Cassandra, but so brave of her decision. Then the other half was saying no NO don't do it, you got a good man there!! I was all over the place.

Declan, what a guy! every word that came out of his mouth later proved to be true, the strong, sure, resilient guy she could have had by her side.

No one can live their life in retrospect, don't we wish we could? I was so involved in this story that I felt part of the journey, now THAT is a sigh of a BRILLIANT author!!

I can only say, I was texting my friend Philomena saying "OMG" and she was texting "What? What?"

I made the mistake of reading some of this sat in a public car park waiting for my hubby to come out of the barbers.......sniffling wreck I was!

I left the final bit to read when I got home and hid away quietly to finish it. I literally held my Kindle to my chest and blubbered. This story touched my emotions. It made me think and dwell on the subject matter. I swung between cheering Cassandra for her decision to hating her for what she put Declan through. I think the Father should have more of an involvement in these decisions. So I felt like I was on my soap box shouting at Cassandra sometimes.

Then, when things turned for the worse and they had to get meet because of their son, I was as tense as Cassandra and then as ANGRY as Declan. Blimey, I was a mess at the end.

I would sooooo recommend this book. I bloody loved it.

I will be stalking this author for her next book.

At 17 Cassandra Coven made the heart wrenching decision to give her baby up for adoption. When her boyfriend Declan couldn't handle the choice he walked away from their relationship. Years later both Declan and the baby she gave away are thrust back into her life. How will Cassie deal with coming face to face with her past regrets, and can she handle losing them again? Follow Cassie on an emotional ride through her past and into her future

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