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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Discovering Daniel by Nadine Christian

Discovering DanielDiscovering Daniel by Nadine Christian
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I sat and read this throughout the day yesterday with every chance I got.

I've read Nadine Christian's book's before and loved them, so I always look forward to the next book she releases.

I was lucky to receive this as an ARC and devoured it right away.

Nadine Christian has a way with words, she can draw you into the story bit by bit and before you know it, you are living inside your head with the characters in the story.

Its a love story yes, but with a lot of twists and turns and unexpected [and I mean UNEXPECTED] revelation! When that came out, I thought, hmm, but then I was pulled back in again.

Just who is Daniel? What connection does he have to her?
How does her family know Daniel?
Can she find Daniel?

I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised in reading this book. Going from Nadine Christians other books I was expecting something along the same lines WRONG!!! but boy oh boy, she pulled this off!!!

Nadine Christian I have got to 'know' right from book one, I see her growing as an author, and this book shows me that she truly is an author, not just a writer who writes stories, but someone who is a storyteller. The difference is vast. Anyone can tell a story, but to tell a story and make it LIVE, make the reader believe it, feel it, understand it, read between the lines, and shut the book saying "now that, was a good book", to me, there is a vast huge difference, and Nadine Christian is one of them.

This is my HONEST and heartfelt review on DISCOVERING DANIEL

When a shocking memory surfaces that Ava McCoy can’t understand, she looks for answers. With her parents and her Uncle Sam trying to convince her that she is only chasing dreams, she is determined to prove that they are wrong, the vision too vivid in her mind to be anything but truth.
When her investigation reveals another world so shocking and yet so familiar, it feels as if the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together – with only one question left unanswered. Who is Daniel? The very memory of him draws her to the sea. Then, the ocean brings her the answer she’s seeking. Daniel himself.
United, Daniel and Ava must find out why everyone wanted to keep them apart – and who is now trying their best to do it again. They must find the answers – before they succeed in separating them. Before Ava loses Daniel all over again – this time, forever


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