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Monday, 10 February 2014

Interview with a Master by Jason Luke

Interview with a MasterInterview with a Master by Jason Luke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If I could give this book more stars I would!

I was eager to read this book as there was so much hype about it, I was just hoping that all the hype and chat and advertising wasn't going to spoil my enjoyment of the book. Its like going to watch a Movie that everyone says is soooooo good, and your'e expectations are higher but you come away feeling disappointed.

I have to say THIS IS NOT THE CASE with this superbly written book!

I've read a lot of books, and I mean, a lot of books in my lifetime [I'm middle aged now] and read varied authors. The erotica books if I am asked as a reviewer to read and honestly review them, some have left me rather cold, others have been too far fetched, others are yawn yawn, nothing new. How many times can you write about the sex act? So I have been very fussy to take any known books that veer in that angle, simply because a lot are full of pages of hot sex [nothing wrong in that] but less storyline, which seems to be more porno than a good read. This is MY humble opinion.

Now, onto this book. I started it yesterday, read until the early hours, my eyes were dropping, I splashed my face in the bathroom with cold water to keep awake, alas, I had to go to sleep at 3am, my eyes were so sore. The first thing I did upon waking was finish the last 2 chapters, YES IT WAS THAT COMPELLING a read.

This should never have worked,based mostly around the Master being interviewed. I won't give spoilers as there are lots of reviews that have all sorts of the book mentioned. I'll just encourage you to GET IT, read it, its thrilling.

It is NOT your typical sexual erotica book. There is no actual sex in it, believe it or not! The tasteful way this is done is a credit to the author.

If there is a book 2 I want it!

Or, should we leave it here to the anticipation......the linger of the unexpected......the taking us to the edge of orgasm only to STOP! suddenly........and let us remember where this ends!

It's the interview like no other.
It's the interview of a lifetime.
It's THE Interview with a Master.
When Jonah Noble reveals details of his life within the world of BDSM, the tale he tells is intensely erotic, profoundly sensual, and brutally honest.
This is His world. His way.
There is only one question the man will not answer…

(BDSM erotica from a man's POV, written by a man. Contains some explicit language)

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