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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Daughter by Jane Shemilt

DaughterDaughter by Jane Shemilt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This fabulous book won't be released until June.

I was honoured to be able to read this for the author and publishers Penguin Books (UK)

Where do I start. I've been thinking all afternoon how to write my review as I don't want to give away too many spoilers or the conclusion of the book.

If you are a Mother you will know we all get guilt. Did we do this enough for them, did we look after them properly, is it our fault they did this or that, should I have done things a different way. No ones children are perfect. Its just that some children get into trouble on different levels in life, some because they lie, some because they steal, some because they take drugs, some because they just don't hand their homework in on time.

BUT if you are a working Mum, you can get double guilt. If you have a carer, what then?

Two parents, both in the medical field. Both have very busy demanding jobs, both have a son and a daughter.

The daughter goes missing. She's a teenager. The author does a clever job of flipping back and forward to times before the event she went missing taking up to when the Mother is looking closely for signs that she may have missed. She discovers that she did. Even with her husband there are things that she didn't acknowledge so well. Her son told her she didn't know HIM or his SISTER anymore.

Its very indepth which made me think about myself as a Mom, my kids are grown now, and many a time my daughter used to say "Mum you never listen, I already told you that" and I was a SAHM.

The complex situation of her daughter missing is not as straight forward as it first appears. I loved how the author unravelled it all and got inside the Mums head as they Mum reasoned on things, how she saw things that other's didn't, she read between the lines and not everything was black and white to her. All Mum's can relate to that.

I can't find any other books written by this author, so I am assuming its her debut novel, if it is, my hat goes off to her! if this is the taste of her books then I want more, I so need more.

I was sorry when this book came to an end, I didn't realise I had let out a sigh as I closed my Kindle. I sat and thought about the ending for a little while, it made a great inpact on me.

I really cannot rave about this book enough.

At first it annoyed me for the author to keep going back and forth in time, it wasn't confusing, just annoying in that I had to keep up to pace with the timing, however, once I got my head into why it had to be with this, I was fine with it, it HAD to be done that way, there was no other way, infact, now that I have completed the read, I applaud the way it is written.

Many thanks to Penguin and the author for allowing me to read this most wonderful book.

Look out for it, mark it TO READ on good reads, add it to your WISHLIST on Amazon.

How well do you really know those you love?

Jenny loves her three teenage children and her husband, Ted, a celebrated neurosurgeon. She loves the way that, as a family, they always know each other's problems and don't keep secrets from each other. 

But when her youngest child, fifteen-year-old Naomi, doesn't come home after her school play and a nationwide search for her begins, secrets previously kept from Jenny are revealed. 

Naomi has vanished, leaving her family broken and her mother desperately searching for answers. But the traces Naomi's left behind reveal a very different girl to the one Jenny thought she'd raised. And the more she looks the more she learns that everyone she trusted has been keeping secrets.

How well does she really know her sons, her husband? How well did she know Naomi? If Jenny is going to find her, she'll have to first uncover the truth about the daughter she thought told her everything

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