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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Clouded Innonence by D C Gambel

Clouded Innocence (Clouded, #1)Clouded Innocence by D.C. Gambel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a good love/romance historical novel. I've not read one of these for some time.

It took me over just 2 hours to read it. Its full of a good promising series although for me, the `love at first sight` was a bit overwhelming and some things I would have calmed down on and dragged out a little to make it more believable.

As always, reviews are feedbacks and opinions with no malice intended but an honest opinion of my reflection on this story.

3 stars for me means its good, good potential but just lacks the credibility for me.

Francesca de Bella's normally peaceful world is turned upside down when her stepbrother, Steven, returns home for a visit and brings with him a surprise guest. No one has ever affected Francesca the way Conner Edwards does. Not only is he incredibly handsome but there is something else that draws Francesca to him, but she knows her father would never approve of Conner. Conner has nothing to offer her but his hHERE
. She soon learns that her doubts are not the only problems standing in her way, when her father announces her impending engagement to Nicholas Jackson, the son of a prominent business partner. With the whirlwind of events pulling her in a multitude of direction, Francesca anchors herself to the only constant in her world, Conner.

A historical romance novel. Contains sexual content - recommended for ages 17+

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