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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

TRUST by Pamela M. Kelley

TRUST (Waverly Beach Cozy Mystery Series)TRUST by Pamela M. Kelley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** I was given this book by the author to read and review honestly***

I am so glad that I had the chance to read this book. I love a good book I can get my teeth into now and again and its not predictable. This was NOT predictable at all, right at the end you think you 'got it' but then it all did a sudden switch. Yep, it smacked me in the face.

If you had a hidden secret from the past that stayed with you, but you were 100% innocent as a child but then as a grown up it reflected on something that was happening now, then people would point the finger and get you hung drawn and quartered before you had a chance to sneeze! This is what happened to Lauren. She and David are about to get married, would he believe her? Would he stand by her? Or would he be like the others?

This book was intense. I loved it and will be following this author.
I can't wait for more books from Pamela M Kelley, if they are anything like this, I know I am in for a good read!

This is not a writer, this is an up and coming author who can definitely write a good story and deserves to be 'up' there with the best.

How well do you really know your significant other? If they were accused of a crime, even murder, would you trust in their innocence unconditionally? 

In TRUST, 36 year old high school teacher, Lauren, is about to get married when one of her students goes missing and she becomes a person of interest. 

Her Fiance, David, is a former minor-league pitcher turned stockbroker who is surprised to discover that there are things he didn't know about Lauren. With the help of his 91 year old grandfather, & his friend Jack, the assistant sheriff, he searches for the truth. 

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