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Thursday, 23 January 2014

This Child of Mine by Sinéad Moriarty

This Child of MineThis Child of Mine by Sinéad Moriarty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** I was granted this book to read and review from Penguin Books (UK) via Net Galley ***

I love this author and had no doubt I would enjoy this book, but I didn't realize how much I would love it and how it would take a hold of my day to day life, I wanted to read this at every moment I got.

Without giving too much away about the story. How can you justify taking a child away from its Mother without it being called Abduction, kidnapped, or simply stolen? How can a stranger judge another Mother in a moment and just decide to walk off with that child?

What is the impact on the Mother who thinks her child is dad, the domino effect on the rest of the family?
There are some intense situation in this book that reels your emotions.

......Then, when that child is grown, and she finds out, how will she react?

This is not about a child that has been taken and been misused or abused, she is a well adjusted teenager that had a good head on her shoulders, been loved, cared for by the "Mother" who took her. What dilemma's come out of this.

I was just enthralled throughout the book, wondering how it would end.

I'll remember this book forever.

Its a MUST read.

Sophie and Mandy, Anna and Laura - two daughters and two mothers and a story about the bond of motherly love.

Sophie is a happy 18-year-old living in London with Anna, her Irish mother. Anna has devoted her life to Sophie. It may be just the two of them - no father nor grandparents, no uncles nor aunts - but Anna has more than enough love to give. Sophie has everything she could ever need.

Laura is a not-so-happy artist. She too has a daughter, Mandy. But Laura is haunted by the loss of her first child, Jody. Happy-go-lucky as she is, Mandy lives in Jody's shadow and wonders why her mother can never let go.

Both mothers carry secrets in their hearts and cannot forget the day their paths crossed. But a chance discovery is about to bring everything into the open and mothers and daughters, love and lies, past and future, will spectacularly collide . 

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