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Friday, 10 January 2014

Emmas Alpha by Amanda Clark

Emma's Alpha (The Derwent Pack, #1)Emma's Alpha by Amanda Clark
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Woooooo giddy up! This was a short story which rushed along at such a speed I was wanting to hit the breaks!!!!

Its jam packed, which on the whole isn't altogether bad in some books but this one gave me palpitations!!! And not because of the red hot male!

I think slowed down and drawn out a little in places like pitch, power and pace, its a good first book!

Emma needs a fresh start so she packs up her car and drives hundreds of miles north to a small market town in the Lake District, here she will be a housekeeper in an B & B. On arriving Emma doesn't expect her reaction to Mike Cross, the town major. She instantly has a physical reaction to him, a man has never evoked this type of attraction from her before. Even when she tries to ignore it she can’t, it’s like her body and mind are calling to his.

Mike has never had such an intense reaction to a woman before, just her photo had his wolf stirring. Meeting her in person was like being punched in the stomach. Could she be the one he has waited over 100 years for.

Emma’s reason to leave London soon catch’s up to her and her eyes are opened to a world she believed to be fictional. Werewolves were real and the man she was drawn to was the Alpha of the local pack. The man she left London to get away from is also a werewolf and believes Emma is his.

So after discovering this new world a lot of things started to make sense, the intense feelings she had for a virtual stranger, they are mates which brought with it a whole new set of problems. Along the way new discoveries are made and bonds that will hopefully last a lifetime, if no one tries to take it away

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