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Saturday, 28 December 2013

NEW YEAR, NEW START lessons learnt

I am an HONEST REVIEWER. I do not 'suck' up to authors to get a free book, which an author accused me of recently.
I do not read and review because I want to get free paperbacks! I read in ebook format.

I only accept books that I 'think' I am going to enjoy reading. That is for the benefit of the author as well as myself. 
I don't give negative feedback or personal attacks on authors.
I am not brutal.
If I didn't enjoy a book I give the reasons why. I never give below a 3 star rating. If there is something that I cannot continue to read then I just wont rate it. 

Because I read an erotic book recently and gave it a 3 star and said it was a short book, I found it lacked any source of material apart from sexual content to it. I would have liked personally to have seen more storyline in it to make it more realistic. That was my choice in my take on the book. I did say it was well written.
I don't read erotica much at all. If sex is in a book and its realistic, fine, but if its sex for 3/4 of a book and only 1/4 of a storyline I personally find it boring.

However, I was picked up by the same author because I had read a short series of books I was reviewing from Net Galley, however, they were thriller based also. So I was attacked by this author as being a hypocrite. 
I do not do what I do to be abused or attacked publically. 
That being said, please note my reviews. I am just a middle aged lady, carer for hubby, disabled myself who has a passion for reading.
I put this to use with a friend of mine Philomena and we read and review books for Indie authors, however, I do veer towards reading for publishers and for personal authors more so now. The reason for this being, is that it is much more of a 'safe' options where authors are looking for reviews with open minds and not expecting 5 stars every time. I find it harder to review for some authors who are waiting bated breath for your review.

I am no one. I am not special. Your book won't sell better if I like it. And it won't stop sells if I don't!

If you are wanting reviews, please remember, its as hard for a reviewer to give a review as its as hard for you to sit there waiting for reviews to come in. GENUINE reviewers are not there to upset you, they are there to give an opinion, but its not the end of the world if they don't like your book as much as you'd hope.

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