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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Guiding the Fall by Christy Hayes

Guiding the Fall (Golden Rule Outfitters #2)Guiding the Fall by Christy Hayes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from CAH LLC via Net Galley.

Jack has been hurt in the past and is refusing to be hurt again, so he's built a wall around himself to prevent this, but.....then Olivia arrives.

Olivia knows she is attractive, pretty and what every male would want, she enjoys being the centre of attention.

Jack and Olivia are having to spend more and more time together, Olivia wants a relationship, no strings attached, but Jack, eventhough he is attracted to her is having a problem with that as he doesn't want to get hurt.......again.

Christy Hayes writes a really good romance, and lets face it, we all like a bit of that now and again.

I would recommend this book, I would say though, read book 1, its not essential, but it helps.

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Sexy multi-millionaire Jack Forrester has never needed anyone, and although he’s suffered a crushing blow to his personal and professional life, he’s not about to start now. When he moves to Hailey, Colorado, to look into a new business venture and work with a biographer documenting his career, he meets the beautiful and irresistible Olivia Golden - a woman creating more gossip in town than he is, and making him rethink his views on being alone.

Olivia Golden has always enjoyed the attention her beauty has garnered. On the brink of finishing her student-teaching job, she’s ready to leave her hometown, start her career, and find love. Her plans go awry when she’s forced to fight charges levied against her at school and the insanely rich new businessman in town makes her a proposition she can’t refuse. 

No stranger to loss and public humiliation, Jack offers to help Olivia with the fall-out from the scandal…and soon, she’s offering him something as well. A no-strings-attached relationship. But as the sensual attraction between them grows, Olivia breaks through Jack’s carefully constructed walls to reach the lonely man inside. Will Jack risk his heart to save Olivia’s sinking ship, or will the beautiful teacher guide herself straight into a fall, and take him with her?


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  2. Thank you for the lovely review, Sue! Happy Holidays!