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Monday, 30 December 2013

Twisted Webs by Darlene Quinn

Twisted WebsTwisted Webs by Darlene Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** I was granted this book to read by Greenleaf Book Group via Net Galley***

I am so glad I had this book to read. I knew someone who had already read this and highly recommended it. She was not wrong.

Right at the opening page it draws you into a saga of the stolen/missing baby. It really is a page turner, I've been reading this today in one sitting. I couldn't leave it alone. I wanted to get right into why this baby was taken. A twin. How it affects each family member, and what about the baby twin left behind?

I'm not going to say anymore about the content of the story, just about how good this author is. I loved this read. I shall be looking out for more of her books and highly recommended by myself to you as a fantastic read. One you shouldn't miss out on.

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A baby girl is stolen, and tightly woven webs of deception encase her and two families for eight traumatic years. The stunningly beautiful and elegant Ashleigh Taylor gives birth to twin daughters while she's in Long Beach visiting her father figure, Charles Stuart, the founder of Bentley's Royale. Hours later, a parent's worst nightmare occurs: Cassie is kidnapped. Twisted Webs unravels the mystery of the abduction of Callie's identical twin. With the same drama, tension, and high style that hooked readers of Webs of Power, the author invites loyal fans and readers new to the series to step into this provocative sequel set in the 1990s. There is plenty going on to keep them turning pages all the way to the end

Goodbye pink room by Jane Grayshon

Goodbye Pink Room: Rose's StoryGoodbye Pink Room: Rose's Story by Jane Grayshon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was given the book to read and review by Lion Hudson PLC via Net Galley.
This book goes live in January.

I started reading this three hours ago. Its not a very long book but its a complex one.

Most of the story is spoken/told through the eyes of a little girl who has a Mummy and Daddy who love and want to keep her safe, only they don't realise the monster is the Uncle.

I know this is a true story, however, I found a lot of the way it was written confusing and hard to follow. There were formatting and spelling mistakes are n my edition.

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Cry In The Night by Tom Grieves on sale 16th January

A Cry In The NightA Cry In The Night by Tom Grieves
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was gifted this book by Quercus books via Net Galley.

I don't normally read scary books, I'm the sort that hides behind they're fingers gingerly peeking out!
This was a really creepy atmospheric read. I loved it!

Two children gone missing, secrets from the past which were long ago hidden all come out, including witches.

Its a really on the edge of your seat read this, well recommended.

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The Outcast: a modern retelling of The Scarlet Letter by Jolina Petersheim

The Outcast: a modern retelling of The Scarlet LetterThe Outcast: a modern retelling of The Scarlet Letter by Jolina Petersheim
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** I was given this book to read and review by Tyndale House Publishers via Net Galley***


I love Amish reads, I always have, whether its because most are clean reads with depth to storylines, or whatever the reason, this book did not disappoint me one iota.

I've never read THE SCARLET LETTER so I can't compare this read to it, all I know is that its one of the most unique reads I've read this year. Some of the writing is from a deceased persons point of view which I found fascinatingly different.

The midwife comes out in the summer, so I urge you to read this one FIRST.

When Rachel found the answer to her problems, redemption, I was so relieved for her.

This book will have you sat reading all day, and its well worth it!

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Raised in an Old Order Mennonite community, Rachel Stoltzfus is a strong-willed single woman, content living apart from mainstream society until whispers stir the moment her belly swells with new life. Refusing to repent and name the partner in her sin, Rachel feels the wrath of the religious sect as she is shunned by those she loves most. She is eventually coerced into leaving by her brother-in-law, the bishop.
But secrets run deep in this cloistered community, and the bishop is hiding some of his own, threatening his conscience and his very soul. When the life of Rachel’s baby is at stake, however, choices must be made that will bring the darkness to light, forever changing the lives of those who call Copper Creek home

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Bridesmaid by Julia London

The BridesmaidThe Bridesmaid by Julia London
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was granted this book to read by SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca via Net Galley.

This is the first ever book I have read by this author, wow, short story so much packed into it, it gripped my interest right away, made me laugh, cry, and smile in so many places.

It was a lovely read, love at first sight? yes it can happen, and it sure did in this story.

I really loved the clever way this author made the characters grow as the book went along, you felt right there with love, all loved up!

I will certainly be looking at this authors other books.

Highly recommended.

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A hot, new contemporary romance novella from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julia London. In a twist on Planes, Trains and Automobiles, two strangers--Kate's en route to be a bridesmaid, Joe's en route to a life-altering job interview--battle a storm, a transportation strike, and each other in a cross-country race to make it to the wedding on time.

Lincoln County Series by Sarah Jae Foster

Lincoln County Series (Books 1-3)Lincoln County Series by Sarah Jae Foster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was granted these books to read by Aspendawn Books via Net Galley

I have read previous books by this same author and just knew I would be able to settle down and enjoy these. I'm so glad I had all 3 books together so that I could go from one book to the other with no lull in between.

Its about family, its twisted personalities, its a based Christian type of read, its about faith not only in God but in yourself and each other.

I found it held my attention throughout.

Great author with a lovely way of telling a tale.

Highly recommended.

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Forced to leave home and all she’s ever known at nineteen, Cameron Engel heads for Lincoln County, Kansas, ready to explore life like never before. But she quickly realizes her inexperienced nature is no match for this rough and dangerous new town. 

Gunslinger Jake Collins has that fearlessness and courage Cameron wants to possess, but she soon finds herself wanting Jake, a man she’s been warned against. 

Andrew Jackson is the town’s preacher. He offers Cameron a way of living—and loving—she’s never known…until now. 

After coming into the knowledge of God’s true and unconditional love, she faces the toughest choice she’s ever had to make. Jake or Andrew…

The Kiss Before Christmas by Sophie Pembroke

The Kiss Before ChristmasThe Kiss Before Christmas by Sophie Pembroke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was gifted this book by HarperCollins UK, HarperImpulse Via Net Galley.

First off, I was attracted by the cover, I know that sounds shallow, but then I saw the authors name, I had read one other book from this author a while ago, so I was looking forward to reading it, she writes brilliantly.

I curled up one afternoon when it was quiet, family off wrapping presents and I sat and read this book. It brought me right into the Christmas spirit of things, lovely read and highly recommended.

I don't like giving too much of the storyline away, as most of what you need to read is in the blurb.

Highly recommended.

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An English Girl in New York

As the snow starts to fall on Manhattan, PA Dory Mackenzie is a long way from home, far from the comforts and cheer of her cozy family Christmases back in Liverpool.

So when her boss Tyler Alexander offers to pay her pricey ticket home for New Year, Dory just can’t say no… even if she has to pretend to be his girlfriend for the holidays!

Tyler may be hiding the real reason he needs a girlfriend-of-convenience but that’s the least of Dory’s worries when she’s up against the disapproval of his high society mother, and the suspicions of his gorgeous older brother Lucas, the black sheep of the family.

There’s no fooling Lucas, and it’s not just the truth he wants to get closer to… So before the bells have even rung out for Christmas day, Dory finds herself caught up in the Alexander family’s dramas – and sharing more than just a few kisses under the mistletoe

NEW YEAR, NEW START lessons learnt

I am an HONEST REVIEWER. I do not 'suck' up to authors to get a free book, which an author accused me of recently.
I do not read and review because I want to get free paperbacks! I read in ebook format.

I only accept books that I 'think' I am going to enjoy reading. That is for the benefit of the author as well as myself. 
I don't give negative feedback or personal attacks on authors.
I am not brutal.
If I didn't enjoy a book I give the reasons why. I never give below a 3 star rating. If there is something that I cannot continue to read then I just wont rate it. 

Because I read an erotic book recently and gave it a 3 star and said it was a short book, I found it lacked any source of material apart from sexual content to it. I would have liked personally to have seen more storyline in it to make it more realistic. That was my choice in my take on the book. I did say it was well written.
I don't read erotica much at all. If sex is in a book and its realistic, fine, but if its sex for 3/4 of a book and only 1/4 of a storyline I personally find it boring.

However, I was picked up by the same author because I had read a short series of books I was reviewing from Net Galley, however, they were thriller based also. So I was attacked by this author as being a hypocrite. 
I do not do what I do to be abused or attacked publically. 
That being said, please note my reviews. I am just a middle aged lady, carer for hubby, disabled myself who has a passion for reading.
I put this to use with a friend of mine Philomena and we read and review books for Indie authors, however, I do veer towards reading for publishers and for personal authors more so now. The reason for this being, is that it is much more of a 'safe' options where authors are looking for reviews with open minds and not expecting 5 stars every time. I find it harder to review for some authors who are waiting bated breath for your review.

I am no one. I am not special. Your book won't sell better if I like it. And it won't stop sells if I don't!

If you are wanting reviews, please remember, its as hard for a reviewer to give a review as its as hard for you to sit there waiting for reviews to come in. GENUINE reviewers are not there to upset you, they are there to give an opinion, but its not the end of the world if they don't like your book as much as you'd hope.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Wild Heart by Jennifer Culbreth

Wild Heart (Wild Heart #1)Wild Heart by Jennifer Culbreth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a fantastic read.
Don't make the mistake of thinking this is about one girl and two men, a love triangle because its not, its much more than that.
Ani just got on my wick sometimes and I wanted to slap some sense into her.
Knox! Knox! Knox! I am shouting his name in my head! A sexy hunk of a biker with an inner core of a soft heart, OMG what else does a girl need?

This author has got better and better at her writing. She's definitely an author to keep a very close eye on.

Reading her books is always a pleasure and I understand this is book 1. I can't wait for book 2.

I was gifted this book by the author for my honest opinion.

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cache a Predator by M Weidenbenner

Cache a PredatorCache a Predator by M. Weidenbenner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I couldn't believe that this was this authors very first book! If you like a suspense thriller, you will most definitely love this one.
I read half of this book in one evening, then picked it up again the next day as soon as I could.

Its a great thought out plot, motive and reasons.

The characters in this story are so real.

Brett was such a great father to Quinn, she came first.

There is so much to this story you won't be able to put it down.
It brought tears to my eyes on several occasions.

**I received this book from the author for an honest review*"

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Christmas to Remember by Katie Flynn

A Christmas to RememberA Christmas to Remember by Katie Flynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have loved Katie Flynn's book since, oh...forever and never been disappointed.

This story is about a young girl, her Grandmother, the kids that are bullying her and a shop owner. It all ties in nicely as all of Katie's previous books have also.

Kept me enthralled through out, and definitely should be on your Christmas books to be read.

The only downside to this story was the name she chose for someone, I didn't want know whether to laugh or deflate and go urgggg awful. SNOWY WHITE??? c'mon.

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A few days before Christmas Tess Williams rushes into Albert Payne's tobacconist shop, with two boys in hot pursuit, saying she's a thief. Albert chases the boys away, and though Tess does not realise it, this incident changes her life.

Tess lives with her grandmother, Edie, in a small flat on Heyworth Street in Norwich.She has recently returned from Bell Farm, where she was evacuated during the war, and is being bullied by her schoolmates, but when the handsome Snowy White comes to her rescue she thinks her troubles are over, and returns for a working holiday to Bell Farm and her old friend Jonty.

This leaves Edie to her own devices, however, and Tess is jealous of the friendship which blossoms between her grandmother and the tobacconist.Yet though Tess resents Albert, it is to him she turns when things start to go wrong

The First Christmas Without You by Michelle Betham

The First Christmas Without You by Michelle Betham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a quint little story of someone loosing the love of of their life and needed to go to the place that her man and her were going to visit. Going to Lapland to lay the ghost at peace.

I was gifted this book as an ARC from HarperCollins UK, HarperImpulse   Via Net Galley

Short story well written.

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A story of love and hope at Christmas, The First Christmas Without You is an emotional and poignant novella. A truly magical Lapland fairytale…

Jessie Collins has always wanted to visit Lapland. But this Christmas, more than any other, it’s the place she feels she really needs to be as she tries to come to terms with a future she really needs to start living.

Christmas without Icing by Michelle Betham

Christmas without Icing (A Novella)Christmas without Icing by Michelle Betham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a quint little  for Christmas

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Jessie Collins has always wanted to visit Lapland. But this Christmas, more than any other, it’s also a place she feels she really needs to be as she tries to come to terms with a painful event in the past, and a future she really needs to start living.

Can a strange young man called Mikku, lights in the sky, and a magical little town in the Arctic Circle really help her find the strength she needs to move on?

A story of love and hope at Christmas - 'Christmas Without Icing', a Lapland fairytale

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Catherine Ryan Hyde Where We Belong

Where We BelongWhere We Belong by Catherine Ryan Hyde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One word. Great! One name. Angie.
It never ceases to amaze me how Catherine Ryan Hyde can get to the very core of her characters.
Angie, the little girl with the grown up mind and decisions.
Angie. The little girl with the huge responsibilities.
Truthful. Honest. Understanding beyond her years.
If anyone ever questions the way Angie is portrayed has never had an experience in life where you have to grow up fast.
Angie did. Her sister had special needs. Any disability or illness makes children grow up fast. I know first hand.
The friendship with her neighbour, the man who wanted to retire away from it all.
Right down to Sophie and the dog. This kept me reading for hours.
Catherine, you've done it again. Another awesome read that will stay with me.

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Fourteen-year-old Angie and her mom are poised at the edge of homelessness... again. The problem is her little sister, Sophie. Sophie has an autism-like disorder, and a tendency to shriek. No matter where they live, home never seems to last long. 

Until they move in with Aunt Vi, across the fence from a huge black Great Dane who changes everything. Sophie falls in love immediately, and begins to imitate the "inside of the dog," which, fortunately, is a calm place. The shrieking stops. Everybody begins to breathe again. Until Paul Inverness, the dog's grumpy, socially isolated owner, moves to the mountains, and it all begins again. 

Much to Angie's humiliation, when they're thrown out of Aunt Vi's house, Angie's mom moves the family to the mountains after Paul and his dog. There, despite a fifty-year difference in their ages, Angie and Paul form a deep friendship, the only close friendship either has known. Angie is able to talk to him about growing up gay, and Paul trusts Angie with his greatest secret, his one dream. When the opportunity arrives, Angie decides to risk everything to help Paul's dream come true, even their friendship and her one chance at a real home--the only thing she's dreamed of since her father was killed. A place she can never be thrown out. A place she can feel she belongs. 

PLEASE NOTE This book will be releases in July here in the UK

Saturday, 14 December 2013

JOSH GRAYSON ***Christmas Giveaway***

***Christmas Giveaway***

Want to win a signed paperback of my novel SIA? 

It’s easy! Do all three of the following steps-

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: When a bully with amnesia discovers her cruel past, she embarks on journey of redemption and falls for Kyle, the “geek” she once tormented. Yet all the time she wonders if, when her memories return, she’ll become the bully she was before…and if she’ll lose Kyle.

Don't like waiting? Want SIA right now? Then simply download the ebook version on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, or Kobo for just $2.99! ; ) 

Merry Christmas and good luck!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Leslie's Bus by Clair Louise Coult

Leslie's BusLeslie's Bus by Clair Louise Coult
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

** I was gifted the book by the author for an honest review**

Thank you Clair Louise Coult

Firs let me say, I have read all of this authors books and enjoyed them. I know some have been critical of her work, but that is mostly within the differences between wording used within her books. "Slang" does take place in the real world, I live in the UK so I am familiar with how this book comes across and its made perfect sense to me, just like the others that I have read by her.

This is a brilliant story of our time in history where we are at with youths of today. At aged 16 I never dreamt of doing the things that Susan did. But times change, and this is portrayed in this authors book. At the grand age of 16, she is like any other girl, full of raging hormones. Knows it all, or think she does. Make choices without thinking of consequences too much if at all. It can lead her in all sorts of problems.

She has family problems, in this day and age they use the word 'dysfunctional' and that is where Susan steams from. Her mother is in a mental hospital, her father has a girlfriend and she's pregnant, Susan is left to her own devices. No rules. No guidance. She's lonely. She meets Paul.
Now Paul belongs to the New Age travellers who takes her on a journey of his own!

Drugs and drink.Parties, and raves. But at least Paul is honest.

But nothing stays the same, she is heart broken and now meets Leslie. This is where the title of the book cover comes into play. This is what I was loving, the tie in with the title. I was wondering what the heck is the title for? Now I know.

She's travelling on a bus with him, but the journey on the but is just the start of the journey with Leslie, not all meets the eye.

I can see how Clair Louise Coult has developed as an author. From her first book to this one is a major change in the way she writes, as in more fluent. The story is knitted together very well.

And I loved it.

Looking forward to reading more from this author. I will never get tired of her work.

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You do a lot of daft stuff when you're sixteen, when you're full of hormones and angst and you're convinced the world is against you. You can let your guard drop and do things that you'd never dream of doing." 

With her mother in a mental hospital and her father preoccupied with his pregnant girlfriend, Susan Blake is lost and lonely. She finds an unlikely friend in Paul, a New Age traveller, and he introduces her to the colourful and exciting British alternative scene of the 1990's. Susan discovers a world full of drugs and alcohol, raves, parties and festivals, but not everyone is as nice or as honest as Paul. 

When Susan's world falls apart she finds comfort in the arms of Leslie, a charismatic and seasoned traveller. He shares his alternative philosophy as they travel on his bus, but will she heed the warnings that there is more to him than meets the eye? 

Leslie's Bus is a touching and at times harrowing story of a young woman's self discovery. 

Contains strong language, drug use, sexually explicit scenes, sexual abuse and violence

Lost in France by Jani Kay

Lost in France (Firebird Trilogy, #1)Lost in France by Jani Kay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given this book to read with a blog tour. I'd not heard of this author at all.

This is going to change! because after reading this book I can't wait for book 2, its left me empty, I want more!

The female role is heartbroken, she has no alternative but to run, as she always does. By the time she gets on the plane she burst into tears. But she knows she's doing the only thing that she can think of to help herself and the situation.

Then finds herself sitting next to this gorgeous hunk! Just loved the sex scene in this one, it kinda made me laugh. Especially when someone else witnessed it!

Anyway, I am not going to spoil it for you all, just that, has she gone to Paris to solve her problems? or to make more?

Read it, find out!

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Lost in France is an erotic contemporary romance novel set in Paris, the city of Love and Romance. 

Warning: 18+++ 

Lost. The one thing I’ve wanted above everything else was taken from me in one night. My dreams were shattered forever because of one irreversible mistake. 
There was nothing I could do about it. 
I’d lost everything.
So I did what I always do. I ran. 
To another continent. 
To France. 
To start over.
God knows, I needed a new beginning; a new job, a new life. 
To find what I truly wanted…needed…craved. A man of my own. 

My French man found me. He was perfect. 
Or…was he. Alain du Bois had a secret. One that could destroy us before we even had a chance to find love.

And why was my new boss, Maxwell Grant, the arrogant and demanding CEO of Grant Global, fixated on me?

Would I find myself in France? 
Would I get what I desperately wanted? 
Or was I jumping from one hotter than hell fire into another? 

A note from Jani:
This book contains LOTS of sizzling sex. I make no apologies for that. 
However, if you are sensitive to copious overt sex scenes and it's not your thing, I respect that too - hence this warning. 
For those that enjoy sensuous steamy sexcapades, Lost in France will not disappoint. 

The end will leave you breathless, screaming for book 2. Guaranteed. 
Book 2 in The Firebird Trilogy - NO REGRETS - will be released end of January 2014. 

Lost In France is Part 1 of 3 in the exciting new Firebird Series


Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas In Ballyyahoo by Grace Jolliffe

Christmas In Ballyyahoo
by Grace Jolliffe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was asked this afternoon if I would like to read and review this little kiddies book for her.

My kids are well grown, but I'm not averse to revisiting my childhood! so I did, I found my childhood magical in this book, I wish I was a child again.

Ballyyahoo is magical, anything and everything can happen in this little world. You can have the best Christmas in Ballyyahoo in Ireland! Until Santa and Rudolph steal the presents! what!!!

Two small boys Kevin and Gerry now have to set off in search of Santa, Rudolph and the presents, who will help them? Maybe the wonderful Witch of Ballyyahoo.

Great story, makes me want to have some grandkids to read it too!

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Desperately Seeking Santa! 

Ballyyahoo is a tiny, magical town in Ireland. Christmas in Ballyyahoo is going to be the best one ever, until Santa and Rudolph show up on Christmas Eve and take all the presents away! 
It’s up to two boys, Kevin and Gerry, to save Christmas. The boys set off on their bikes, desperately seeking Santa, but when they get lost in the woods near the terrible town of Ballyuseless, Kevin and Gerry begin to wish they’d stayed at home. 

Santa and Rudolph are not all they appear to be, and they have no intention of wishing anyone a happy Christmas, especially not anyone from Ballyyahoo. The only thing they want to wrap up for Christmas is Kevin and Gerry! 

When the two boys find themselves locked in a box, on a boat, in the middle of the Irish Sea, there’s only one person can help them and that’s the wonderful Witch of Ballyyahoo. 

A Simple Christmas Wish by Melody Carlson

A Simple Christmas WishA Simple Christmas Wish by Melody Carlson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** I was granted this book to read via Net Gally by Revell for an honest review****

I have always loved to read Amish stories. I think the first one I read was by Karen Kingsbury and I got hooked from there.

This didn't start off as Amish, this is about a little girl named Holly who wants her aunt to help her put up the Christmas tree before her parents arrive home, all nicely decorated and glistening the the dusk of day.

Something tragic happens, and although Holly wants her aunt to look after her, its not to be, an Amish family turn up to care for her. Holly rebels against restrictions that are put upon her.

This is a unique story.

I've not read one of Melody Carlson's books prior to this although I know she is a popular author. That stops here! I loved this book, and I know you will too.

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Rachel Milligan is caring for her seven-year-old niece, Holly, at her home in Chicago when she receives devastating news: Holly's parents have been killed in a plane crash. Because Rachel is Holly's only known relative, she assumes that she will be her beloved niece's guardian. However, custody is awarded to Lydia, a distant aunt who happens to be Amish. Just a week before Christmas, Rachel takes Holly to the Amish community in the hopes of persuading Aunt Lydia to relinquish custody. Instead, Lydia sets out to teach Holly to live according to the Amish way. As family secrets emerge and old wounds are healed, Rachel realizes that she will do whatever it takes to ensure that Holly has the loving family she needs.

Combining an Amish family saga with the anticipation of Christmas cheer and the promise of a budding romance, this newest Christmas story from beloved author Melody Carlson is sure to please.

Faceless: A Mystery by Dawn Kopman Whidden

Faceless: A MysteryFaceless: A Mystery by Dawn Kopman Whidden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was gifted this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

After reading her first book and being totally blown away by it, I was looking forward to reading this one.
Dawn has a lovely style of writing and I enjoy every single word.

FACELESS is in no doubt a cleverly woven thriller. I was certain I knew ` who was responsible` and highly disappointed that the author had the upper hand AGAIN! She got me on her first book, she's done it again in this one.

Juggling a job as well as a family brings endless of rewards and problems. This Female Detective is no different especially when her daughter knows things too.

I found this a refreshing change to read. This author has great story telling skills.

Her ability and personality reaches out from the pages of this book. I have got to `know` the author because of the group a friend and I run for authors on Facebook, but this doesn't reflect in my review. If anyone knows me, they also know I am honest.

The only critisim I would have is, I don't like the cover, it doesn't portray the inside story well. That may be down to her editor? I'm not sure. But that is only MHO.

Brilliant! Remarkable. Would I recommend it? Definitely!

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A pretty teenage girl is found dead in the woods, her face horribly mutilated. A few days later, a second girl, also strikingly beautiful, is attacked in a similar fashion.
Who would do such a brutal thing—and why?
Is there some sort of psychopathic monster lurking out there, preying upon vulnerable females? Or were the victims targeted for some reason by someone they knew?
It’s up to two of Fallsburg’s finest, Detective Jean Whitley and her new partner, Marty Keal, to find out who’s responsible for the grisly crimes.
When she starts digging up clues, Jean is startled to learn that the crime has hit uncomfortably close to home. The victims—and many of the potential suspects—are classmates of Jean’s fourteen-year-old daughter, Bethany.
To make matters worse, Bethany’s behavior has drastically changed. Jean’s sweet, loving child has become a sullen, secretive stranger.
How much does Bethany really know about the victims—and the crimes that have taken place? Did Bethany’s hunky new heartthrob have anything to do with the crimes? And why does the mounting evidence keep pointing to a popular parish priest?
Dawn Kopman Whidden’s newest book, Faceless, returns readers to the town of Fallsburg, New York, as seen through the eyes of Detective Jean Whitley, two years after the events of Whidden’s previous book, A Child is Torn.
Suddenly deprived of her longtime police detective mentor and friend, Jean is forced to take the lead in this latest investigation, while breaking in a new partner.
As they dig deeper into the case, Jean encounters threats to her career, her family relationships, and possibly even to her own daughter’s life.

Through it all, Jean and Marty must unravel a multi-layered mystery and put a face on the unseen villain, before anyone else ends up dead…and faceless.


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Guiding the Fall by Christy Hayes

Guiding the Fall (Golden Rule Outfitters #2)Guiding the Fall by Christy Hayes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from CAH LLC via Net Galley.

Jack has been hurt in the past and is refusing to be hurt again, so he's built a wall around himself to prevent this, but.....then Olivia arrives.

Olivia knows she is attractive, pretty and what every male would want, she enjoys being the centre of attention.

Jack and Olivia are having to spend more and more time together, Olivia wants a relationship, no strings attached, but Jack, eventhough he is attracted to her is having a problem with that as he doesn't want to get hurt.......again.

Christy Hayes writes a really good romance, and lets face it, we all like a bit of that now and again.

I would recommend this book, I would say though, read book 1, its not essential, but it helps.

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Sexy multi-millionaire Jack Forrester has never needed anyone, and although he’s suffered a crushing blow to his personal and professional life, he’s not about to start now. When he moves to Hailey, Colorado, to look into a new business venture and work with a biographer documenting his career, he meets the beautiful and irresistible Olivia Golden - a woman creating more gossip in town than he is, and making him rethink his views on being alone.

Olivia Golden has always enjoyed the attention her beauty has garnered. On the brink of finishing her student-teaching job, she’s ready to leave her hometown, start her career, and find love. Her plans go awry when she’s forced to fight charges levied against her at school and the insanely rich new businessman in town makes her a proposition she can’t refuse. 

No stranger to loss and public humiliation, Jack offers to help Olivia with the fall-out from the scandal…and soon, she’s offering him something as well. A no-strings-attached relationship. But as the sensual attraction between them grows, Olivia breaks through Jack’s carefully constructed walls to reach the lonely man inside. Will Jack risk his heart to save Olivia’s sinking ship, or will the beautiful teacher guide herself straight into a fall, and take him with her?