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Saturday, 30 November 2013

What Every Woman Wishes Her Father Had Told Her by Byron Forrest Yawn

What Every Woman Wishes Her Father Had Told HerWhat Every Woman Wishes Her Father Had Told Her by Byron Forrest Yawn
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I was gifted this book via Net Galley by Harvest House Publishers

This book took my interest in a personal basis.

My Father was a very good Father and I looked up to him, loved him and admired him. He was a disabled man with only one leg, heart condition but a very strong determined man. Good husband and dad to my brothers.

I know my dad was the first person for me to go talk to when I needed advice, and as I've grown I realise now that he wasn't the one that gave me advice or told me what to do, he just lead the conversation to a pivot of my decision, he was very clever!

When I grew and got married, I realised too that I was looking for someone that had the same attributes as my Father.

We are now middle aged with a grown daughter of our own and she has grown into a good young woman.

Reading this book I can see the reasoning behind this and its so true, parents do shape our lives. More than what we think.

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The father-daughter relationship is a truly special one--what a dad does can have a tremendous influence on helping his daughter to grow into a confident woman who does well in life.

So what does a daughter need most from her dad? What does a dad need to watch for and be aware of? Byron and Robin Yawn look to Scripture and life stories for practical principles that will help fathers become all they can be for their daughters. Among the topics they cover are...

the importance of being a male role model a daughter can look up to the need to carefully balance sensitivity and strength the keys to good and meaningful father-daughter communication the character qualities a daughter needs most in her dad the ways a father can prepare his daughter for adulthood
A superb resource for helping fathers navigate this relationship in a way that results in lifelong joy and blessings.

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