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Monday, 11 November 2013

S. E. Felida - Incredible Dreams book 1

Incredible Dreams (Book 1, Dreams series)Incredible Dreams by S.E. Felida
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just cannot believe that I've had this book in my possession since July and not read it. The author gifted this to me and until I contacted her she has been sitting quietly whilst I read through the pile of books I have for reviewing by assorted authors. I so appreciate that. But she should have nudged me sooner, I have just read the most amazing read!
I started it around mid afternoon and just had to stay up to finish it.

It was not what I was expecting at all! It was much much much more than that. The different facets to this story! Its a thriller, not its a love story, no its hot sex, no no no, its a whodunnit. Nope! Its everything all rolled into one.
I'm speechless. The cover doesn't do this justice. I am actually reeling from this book. I love this new author I've found. I have to wait a bit for the next one in the series. It ends with such an unexpected glee that I can't wait. It had me speechless in parts, and let me tell you, not an easy fete!

You have got to read this. At first I was like, OK.....then further on I was...WOW, then things hotter up, then there things and plots happened. I'm WOW WOW WOW......seriously.

I've just given my honest and open thoughts on this book with no pressure to like it, I bloody loved it.I can't rave about this book enough, easily in my top 50 reads this year. 

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"Leona, a woman in her late twenties who has been dreaming about a guy that she doesn't know finally sees him in real life one day, but she doesn't approach him out of bizarreness of the whole situation and that leaves her with an feeling of missed opportunity, so when life gives her a second chance she grabs it with both hands.

Nathaniel, a police officer who's been on a hunt to find his brother's killer for over a year now turns out to be a dreamguy in real life too, and while things are going great between the two of them, Leona's long life friendship with her dear friend Naomi isn't.

Resenting the thought of having to choose between the two of them she and her two friends Alyssa and Alexandra come up with an idea to whisk Naomi away for a little holiday in the hopes that after they'd spend some quality time together things would finally go back to the way it used to be, but it doesn't and when Marcus, Naomi's current boyfriend who followed them out there confesses something to Leona that she really wished he hadn't, she keeps finding it harder and harder to even look her best friend in the eyes without feeling like the worst friend ever...

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