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Friday, 8 November 2013

Jackie Weger -----The House on Persimmon Road

The House on Persimmon RoadThe House on Persimmon Road by Jackie Weger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jackie Weger asked me if I would like to read and review this. And I jumped at the chance as I've seen lots of good things said about this author.
I was not disappointed at all. I can't wait to read more of her books!

I read a lot of books [as most reviewers do in a year] and this one stands out to me for the excellent talent that Jacke Weger has in writing. She is definitely in a class of best selling authors in my humble opinion. She writes fluently, understandably, makes it flow with pitch and power. I loved the little thoughts of things that bring a smile to a readers face, which it did me.

A husband who has left his wife for another woman, yep, hear about that all the time, affairs, yep, hear of that all the time, even a husband who leaves for another man! yep, heard of that, a husband who wants "space" and leaves the family home, yep, heard of that, but to leave to become a monk! Yep I can understand that, not something you hear of every day but very plausable and how the wife and children deal with it is amazing. She has her MIL and her own Mother with her, what fun that leads to, many a time I laughed, and sometimes I cried, this story is so good. I can't tell you anymore than this as it would spoil it for you. I loved the eerie presence, just loved it.

I can't rave about this book and this authors style of writing enough, I hope I get to read more of her books.

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Need Help? Hire a Ghost! 

Lottie Roberts is restless and lonely. She’s been sitting on her bones for decades, waiting for her ticket to heaven until… Justine Hale and her family take up residence in Lottie’s two-hundred-year-old plantation house. Lottie senses in Justine a kindred spirit—filled with heartache and in reduced circumstances—which Lottie considers mirrors her own situation exactly. Yet Justine is trying to do the right thing. Else why is she burdened with a bankrupt mother without an ounce of common sense? Or an ex mother-in-law who looks like a pickled beet with a tongue sharper than a hatchet? And where is the father of the recalcitrant eleven year-old boy and the eight-year-old afraid of her own shadow? 
Justine needs help and Lottie is of a mind to provide it. But before Lottie can say squat and Justine even unlocks the front door, Tucker Highsmith shows up to steal her thunder. His dark eyes, lazy grin, and sexy Alabama drawl coupled with the dern braggart’s Mr. Fix-it talents just might be the answer to all of Justine’s problems. Or maybe not

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