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Friday, 1 November 2013

J. B. McGEE Skipping Stones

Skipping StonesSkipping Stones by J.B. McGee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had the chance to read this as an ARC and have just managed to get around to reading it.
I read what it was about before accepting it, and I heard around the net that it makes you cry, they were not wrong.

This is the very first book I have read by J. B. McGee and will be seeking out more from her. You won't be disappointed if you purchased this book, it is told in such sincerity, with such feeling and full on emotion, it will grip you from its first page.

Skipping stones is a well thought out title, little things like that make all the difference to me. There are 2 meanings I found to this title, not sure if they author intended them both, but it sure stood out to me.

The layout of the pages were good, and the fancy bits on the pages were a nice change, I think sometimes because its an ebook not all authors realize that it makes all the difference to your reading enjoyment just as much as it does if you pick up a paper book. Again, only something small to point out, but did make a difference for me.

I loved the content of the storyline, well thought out, progressed well at a nice easy pace. I cannot speak highly enough about this book.

Well done to J. B. McGee for allowing me to read such a splendid story which again these authors have left me in tears! Loving it!

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