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Friday, 1 November 2013

Heather McCoubrey:::To love twice.......brilliant

To Love TwiceTo Love Twice by Heather McCoubrey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG what a story.

This was my kind of book! The author contacted me the other day to ask if I had read it yet. She knew I had a long list and wasn't pushing me, just asking to see where in line it was. She had gifted me the book for an honest review, WELL, I can HONESTLY say that I was blown away.

Just lately, I hardly ever get a book where it opens with conversations, its that kind of writing the draws me in right away. Narration is good, but when a book opens with
Throwing her hands in the air, Kate walked into the closet and pulled out a suitcase "Im done, Brad. I'm just done" and so the continuation goes on between husband and wife.

I asked a question on 2 friends promote with authors, which is my group and my friends, why it is that books don't seem to start with conversations anymore, and that there seems to be a lot of detail as opposed to actions in the conversational manner. I was told by many that publishers like it that way and also happy endings. Well, feed the readers is what I say, not the publishers.

I adored this read, I am so glad Heather McCoubrey reminded me that I had the book for sometime and had overlooked it. The nudge was just what I needed. It was like a breath of fresh air in my reading.

I've been fortunate to be on a roll reading and reviewing lately with books, and this is surely in my top 20 of this year.

I'm adding Heather McCoubrey to my favourite authors so that I can get around to reading more of her books.

Thank you Heather for allowing me to read and review your books, you know how honest I am and this book was amazing, for me, and I am no one special, you have won my heart in the story telling of this lovely amazing story. Yes its a romance, but its much, much more than that. I don't like soppy romances. I life. Real life up and front realistic stories that can happen to anyone, not mushy.

This is not mushy, this is really really good. I was honoured to read it.

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