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Friday, 29 November 2013

Ariel's Cottage by Judith-Victoria Douglas

Ariel's CottageAriel's Cottage by Judith-Victoria Douglas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given this book by the author Judith-Victoria Douglas to read a few months back. I have recently read this.

At first, I just wasn't too sure what this book was going to entail. Ariel seemed a strange sort of character who I just found very needy. Each time she had an 'encounter' with a male she would write it in a book.She would then Title it according to each person not by name, but by a deed or connective word. Could I stay with this book?

At first I thought it was like one of those films you watch, when you sit through it and at the end think "what was that all about!" but I was WRONG so very WRONG. The further I got through the story the more sucked in I became. The more action and revelations that were coming out, the more I was gripped. Who is Ariel, what happened to her? Is she hiding from anyone? why has she got herself into so many 'love' triangles. I didn't get it. On and on and on I read, my pages were turning faster and faster as I wanted to get to the end find out what was what. I was stunned by the ending, stunned in a GOOD way.

From a book that I thought was a bit....hmm what is this? to me saying......WOW really did turn the tables on me. Well done to Judith-Victoria Douglas for a brilliant read...This is not an erotic book, its not a love story as such, its not a thriller, its all of these put together.

The only downside to take it away from me giving it full 5 stars is the format. I needs attention.

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A powerful suspense filled romance; what discovery doesn't separate a broken promise could shatter.
Ariel was a victim at seventeen. She's now an unsung hero hidden for her protection. No one knows where she is or her real identity except her advocate. But strange events begin to occur around her home. It affects her sense of invisibility. As a writer in her early twenties living in a country cottage, Ariel devises an experiment to boost her writing and ease her perilously low funds. It's risky, but everything in Ariel's life is risky. Ariel's encounters bring back memories of how her ordeal began, as she learns to deal with the demons within. Her first real love is Jerry, the eighteen year old who cuts her grass. Stuck at seventeen emotionally Ariel experiences the pleasant side of her previous horrors, and begins to trust love again. A puppy leads trouble into her life, bringing Danny, a local deputy, to her door. Drawn to her he appoints himself guardian, soon learning there's more to her than imagined. But Danny harbors regret. His hard lesson brings out his true strength when he learns of Ariel's plight, her risky trysts and her love for another. He must let her go to keep her safe, allowing her to heal herself in her own way, always there to look out for her…always loving her.

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