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Friday, 29 November 2013

Adam’s Boys by Anna Clifton

Adam’s BoysAdam’s Boys by Anna Clifton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC Received from Harlequin Enterprises Australia/Escape Publishing via NetGalley

I found myself quite enjoying this book. It was sad when he lost his wife and was left with the boys to look after, they has lost a Mother, he had lost a Wife.

There was mention of blackmail, but I didn't see that in the book.

After having a 'fling' with Abbie so soon after his wife's death, he is riddled with guilt and leaves his home town and goes to the UK. Leaving Abbie pregnant [unbeknown to him] and he son's with his parents.

He is feeling so guilty that he is being ate up about it like cancer to the bones.

It skips 4 years where he is back in Sydney and Abbie hears of this and feels guilty herself from keeping the knowledge that he is the father to her child. So they meet up.

The emotions in this book are raw, it touched me so much as I got really involved with how Adam felt in this book.

I loved this book.

Well done to the author for writing such a emotional rollercoaster of a read.

Would I recommend it, hell yes!
Would I buy this....oh yes!

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Wrong girl — wrong time? Adam’s fling with Abbie just weeks after the death of his wife may have been all wrong, but their time together gave him the strength to return home to his newborn son, Pete, and start their new life together. 

Wrong guy — wrong time? Abbie's fling with Adam may have been all wrong, but their time together gave her Henry, the sunshine in her life, and although Adam is long gone, Abbie can never regret the time they spent together. 

But two wrongs don't necessarily make a right. Adam Cooper is back, and when he learns the truth about his unknown son, he is hell-bent on creating a home and family for his boys, even if it means blackmailing Abbie into taking part. 

Abbie has scars from her own tumultuous childhood, and losing Henry would destroy her. But with only mistrust and pain to bind them, can she and Adam ever find a way through regret to love and the family they could be?

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