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Saturday, 30 November 2013

What Every Woman Wishes Her Father Had Told Her by Byron Forrest Yawn

What Every Woman Wishes Her Father Had Told HerWhat Every Woman Wishes Her Father Had Told Her by Byron Forrest Yawn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was gifted this book via Net Galley by Harvest House Publishers

This book took my interest in a personal basis.

My Father was a very good Father and I looked up to him, loved him and admired him. He was a disabled man with only one leg, heart condition but a very strong determined man. Good husband and dad to my brothers.

I know my dad was the first person for me to go talk to when I needed advice, and as I've grown I realise now that he wasn't the one that gave me advice or told me what to do, he just lead the conversation to a pivot of my decision, he was very clever!

When I grew and got married, I realised too that I was looking for someone that had the same attributes as my Father.

We are now middle aged with a grown daughter of our own and she has grown into a good young woman.

Reading this book I can see the reasoning behind this and its so true, parents do shape our lives. More than what we think.

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The father-daughter relationship is a truly special one--what a dad does can have a tremendous influence on helping his daughter to grow into a confident woman who does well in life.

So what does a daughter need most from her dad? What does a dad need to watch for and be aware of? Byron and Robin Yawn look to Scripture and life stories for practical principles that will help fathers become all they can be for their daughters. Among the topics they cover are...

the importance of being a male role model a daughter can look up to the need to carefully balance sensitivity and strength the keys to good and meaningful father-daughter communication the character qualities a daughter needs most in her dad the ways a father can prepare his daughter for adulthood
A superb resource for helping fathers navigate this relationship in a way that results in lifelong joy and blessings.

The Twins by Saskia Sarginson

The TwinsThe Twins by Saskia Sarginson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was given this book by Hachette Book Group via Net Galley.

I was looking forward to reading this book, and I can now see why. This is definitely my kind of read. Its a bit dark, but its powerfully written and so deep. I loved getting my teeth and my emotions into this read.

Looking forward to reading more from the super author

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They were inseparable until an innocent mistake tore them apart.
Growing up, Viola and Issy clung to each other in the wake of their mother's eccentricity, as she dragged them from a commune to a tiny Welsh village. They thought the three of them would be together forever.
But an innocent mistake one summer set them on drastically different paths. Now in their twenties, Issy is trying to hold together a life as a magazine art director, while Viola is slowly destroying herself, consumed with guilt over the events they unknowingly set into motion as children.
When it seems that Viola might never recover, Issy returns to the town they haven't seen in a decade, to face her own demons and see what answers, if any, she can find.

A deeply moving, gripping debut, this is a novel about the secrets we carry, and the bonds between twins

Heaven Must Wait by Brenda B. Taylor

Heaven Must WaitHeaven Must Wait by Brenda B. Taylor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was gifted this by Bethabara Press via Net Galley.

I loved this book, but it is short. I am wondering if its a prequel to a series.

Young love, obstacles and determination. Not much to say about it, its a good young hearted love struggle. Would recommend it.

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A passionate love story about a young couple struggling to overcome the difficulties in their courtship, keep the faith, and wait for approval of their marriage. Leann Clark and Ralph Wade are in love and desire to be married, but obstacles stand in their way. Leann's father, John Clark, insists she is too young, and Ralph cannot yet make a living farming his land in post-Civil War Missouri. Times are grim after the war. Many farmers are working hard to keep their land. Leann doubts Ralph's love when adverse circumstances prevent him from courting her as he promised.

The novella introduces the characters and setting of the Wades of Crawford County series

Promise to Return by Elizabeth Byler Younts

Promise to ReturnPromise to Return by Elizabeth Byler Younts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was gifted this book via Net Galley by Howard Books

Henry Mast is the only man that Miriam Coblentz has loved. Being set in WWII time, Henry is in Conscientious Objector Civilian Public Services camp as Amish do not believe in war, they uphold peace.

What happens to Henry though, as one day he reveals that God has called him to get involved.

I love the stories based around the Amish and their community and I have learnt a lot over the years, however, this book has opened my eyes as regards what happened during the war with such ones that became Conscientious Objectors.

I found this a truly lovely book, well written and needing book 2

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When World War II breaks out, Miriam’s fiancé, Henry, is drafted and sent to a conscientious objector camp. But when Henry feels called to fight on the front lines, he goes against the Amish church to follow God’s will—forcing Miriam to choose between the rules of her religion and the leading of her heart. 

It’s 1943 and Miriam Coblentz and Henry Mast are nearing their wedding day when the unthinkable happens—Henry is drafted. However, since he is a part of the pacifist Amish tradition, Henry is sent to a conscientious objector Civilian Public Service camp. When he leaves for the work camp, his gaping absence turns Miriam’s life upside down. Little does she know that it’s only the beginning…

When Henry returns home, he brings news that shakes Miriam and their Amish community to the core. He tells Miriam he believes God has called him to enlist in the Army and fight for his country, leaving her to make an important decision. She soon must choose between loyalty to the peaceful life she’s always known and her love for Henry and her faith in their shared destiny.

Two worlds collide in this unforgettable debut novel, providing a fascinating and rare look into Amish culture during World War II. While Henry is battling enemies across the ocean, Miriam struggles between devotion to Henry and her love of the Amish way of life. One question is at the bottom of it all: will she follow her religion or her heart?

Longing for Home: A Proper Romance by Sarah M. Eden

Longing for Home: A Proper RomanceLonging for Home: A Proper Romance by Sarah M. Eden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was gifted this book to read by Shadow Mountain Publishing via Net Galley.

For a while it was hard going, I found it a struggle to get into the book, I've never read a book by Sarah M Eden before so wasn't sure what to expect. Then things started to happen......
Katie Macauley was only 8 years old when her Father lost his land, he also lost one of his daughters too, the story unfold this as you read along. She is grown now and wants to return home to her Irish heritage and her family.

It was well written, just took ages to open up, but once it did, I enjoyed it.,

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Twenty-six-year-old Katie Macauley has placed all her hope in Hope Springs, a small town in the 1870 Wyoming Territory. But if she wants to return home to Ireland to make amends with her estranged family, she'll need to convince the influential Joseph Archer to hold true to his word and keep her on his payroll as his housekeeper despite her Irish roots. The town is caught in an ongoing feud between the Irish and the "Reds" the frontiersmen who would rather see all the Irish run out of town and the Irish immigrants who are fighting to make a home for themselves in the New World. When Joseph agrees to keep Katie on as his housekeeper, the feud erupts anew, and Katie becomes the reluctant figurehead for the Irish townsfolk. As the violence escalates throughout the town, Katie must choose between the two men who have been vying for her love though only one might be able to restore hope to her heart

Forbidden Fruit by Selena Kitt

Forbidden Fruit (Under Mr. Nolan's Bed #1)Forbidden Fruit by Selena Kitt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was gifted this book by eXcessica Publishing via Net Galley.

This is definitely an adult book and more.

If you find something 'nawty' under someone else's bed beware it doesn't give you ideas which lead off in the line of this book! This book was MORE than steaming hot it was OUCH!

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Leah and Erica have been best friends and have gone to the same Catholic school since just about forever. Leah spends so much time with the Nolans—just Erica and her handsome father now, since Erica’s mother died—that she’s practically part of the family. When the girls find something naughty under Mr. Nolan’s bed, their strict, repressive upbringing makes it all the more exciting as they begin their sexual experimentation. Leah’s exploration presses deeper, and eventually she finds herself in love for the first time, torn between her best friend and her best friend’s father.

Warnings: This title contains erotic situations, lesbian sex, sex toys, and also makes mention of pornography, salmon, amusement parks, chocolate covered strawberries, brownies (as well as girl scouts), plaid skirts, naughty uses for confessionals and some sacrilegious humor. 

Note to readers: This story appeared in another, now rather infamous book of mine (UNDER MR. NOLAN'S BED). Previously titled Plaid Skirt Confessions, this tale is a slightly less naughty, but no less sexy re-telling of those events--updated and redressed for your reading pleasure with an ending that may leave you a little more satisfied

Killing Me Softly by Leisl Leighton

Killing Me SoftlyKilling Me Softly by Leisl Leighton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was gifted this book to read by Penguin Books Australia I Destiny Romance via Net Galley. I was attracted to the blurb.

When I first started to read it, I was struggling, it seemed like a run of the mill rock and roll type book. Boy loved his group, girls loves the man, that kind of thing, but, it had murder, deceit and lack of trust from Alexia.

Daemon Flagherty is intrigued with her and the attraction grows, but there is much much more to this story than a rock and roll band.

Daemon has lots of hangups from past childhood and future from divorces.

Really highly recommended.

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Reclusive record producer, Alexia Deningham, guards her privacy fiercely. When she agrees to work with superstar Daemon Flagherty, and his band, it is only on the condition that they stay with her at her isolated country estate. 

Fresh from a messy divorce, Daemon is determined to focus on his music. He wants to work with the best and that means Lexi. He certainly isn't looking for romance, but he finds himself intrigued by Lexi's secretive behavior. 

Despite Lexi's reservations, their attraction grows. But someone is watching Lexi. Someone who will stop at nothing to destroy the woman who has ruined his life. When his campaign of terror ratchets out of control, Lexi must fight for survival but who can she really trust?

Blowing on Dandelions by Miralee Ferrell

Blowing on Dandelions (Love Blossoms in Oregon #1)Blowing on Dandelions by Miralee Ferrell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was given this book by David C Cook Via Net Galley and approved by the author.

I was so happy to get this book to read and review, my kind of read! I've never read a book written by Miralee Ferrell but after reading this one I am sure going to start reading her books past and present.

This story was set in the 1880's so was historical fiction. She has lost her husband, she is running a boarding house, she had 2 lovely daughters.

But, there has been trouble and pain within her relationship with her daughters which brings out that relationships no matter who with, can be very difficult and strained. It shows how we can hurt people without even trying.

I so loved this book, my praise to the author for a fantastic real life read. No matter what era, people are people.

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Do Dandelion Wishes Actually Come True?  Katherine Galloway knew this moment of calm wouldn’t last, blown away like the dandelion seeds she scattered as a girl. In 1880, three years after her husband’s death, she struggles to run an Oregon boardinghouse and raise two girls alone. Things don't get easier when her critical, domineering mother moves in. Katherine must make the situation work, but standing up for herself and her family while honoring her mother isn't easy. And with a daughter entering the teenage years, the pressure on Katherine becomes close to overwhelming. Then she crosses paths with Micah Jacobs, a widower who could reignite her heart, but she fears a relationship with him might send things over the edge. She must find the strength, wisdom, hope, and faith to remake her life, for everything is about to change.

Saving Wishes by G.J. Walker-Smith

Saving Wishes (Wishes, #1)Saving Wishes by G.J. Walker-Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was given this book to read and leave an honest review by Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Members' Titles Via Net Galley and granted by the author.

I just loved this book! Its quirky and full of fun. I just loved Adam, I wouldn't mind one just like him.

Charli starts off broken hearted, until Adam tries to break through her pain and heart break, its told in such a way it leaves you breathless. Loved how the author G. J. Walker-Smith wove this story, looking forward to reading book 2.

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For Charli Blake, being seventeen is a tough gig.

She's been branded a troublemaker, her reputation is in tatters and she's stuck in Pipers Cove, a speck of a town on the coast of Tasmania.

Thankfully, it's temporary. Her lifelong dream of travelling the world is just months away from becoming reality. All she has to do is ride out the last few months of high school, which is easier said than done thanks to a trio of mean girls known as The Beautifuls.

When Adam Décarie arrives in town, all the way from New York, life takes an unexpected turn. His arrival sets off a chain of events that alters her life forever, convincing her of one thing. Fate brought him to her.

Saving Wishes is the story of a girl who doesn't quite fit the life she's living, and the boy who helps her realise why

Kilingiri by Janna Gray

KilingiriKilingiri by Janna Gray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was granted this book to read by GMTA Publishing [Imprint: Libertine Press] Via Net Galley. I was very pleased to be able to get this, read and review it.

I found it very hard work at the start as it had a lot of detail in the first half of the book, it was essential though as it had to explain why Nina was living in a houseboat and pregnant. It took off in the second half of the book and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Its around when being pregnant, unmarried is so frowned upon that she is very ashamed but mixed with her emotions in having her baby.

Thoroughly enjoyed it. The author has proved herself a brilliant story teller.

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Kilingiri’ will appeal to readers who enjoy sagas with elements of romance, mystery and drama, loss and gain, religion and redemption played out in exotic locations over a timespan of thirty years. It addresses the issues of celibacy within the Catholic church, the heartbreak of rejection and separation, the difficulties of raising a child as a single parent, the effects of post natal depression on a marriage and the family, the healing power of forgiveness, and culminates in what we all dream of … a happy ever after scenario.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas Romance by Danica Winters

Christmas RomanceChristmas Romance by Danica Winters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given this as an ARC by the author Danica Winters to read, review and give my honest thoughts.

I loved these 4 short reads. Its getting on for December now, we are all thinking hard about Christmas and these books get you into the festivity mood.

Each book has a story of its own.

Halo's wish --- had me chuckling at times. What she wished for hardly came true.But the vet is sexy, so that'll do.

Christmas hope----can she get him to open his heart and let things in? let her in? read and see.

Christmas Wishes -- this was my fav in the book, a mom who lost her son, can she get back to a happy place? Really warm, touching and moving.

Central Park at Christmas ---Love brought together around a common like for dogs. Sweet tale.

Loved every single one of these short stories. All in their own right.

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Four Sweet Christmas stories from your favorite romance authors to warm your heart for the holidays.

Christmas Wishes-Danica Winters: For most, Christmas is a time for family, love, life, dreams, and wishes—but not for Lee Llewellyn, a mother who has recently lost her son to an accident and her husband to the resentment it caused. 
In a chance encounter, she is given the gift of company on Christmas, but is she ready to move forward and start living again? 

Central Bark at Christmas-Jennifer Conner: When Tennyson’s boyfriend left her for her best friend from high-school, all Tennyson received in the break up was her dog. She’s sworn off men and now is rebuilding her life. The only thing Par does is work. He barely has time to do anything he wants for himself other than take his dog to the dog park. When Par and Tennyson find an abandoned dog at the park named Duke. Will they find room in their hearts to take him in? 
And can this Christmas season weave some special magic for the two of them? 

Halo's Wish-Sharon Kleve: Halo Ann Carlyle wishes for a home, family, and a boat-load of pets. What she gets is a bruised hip, a lump on the head, a broken ankle, and her new yellow Honda Civic is demolished. 
Rich McFarland, a sexy veterinarian, keeps showing up in the most unexpected places, promising everything she's ever wanted.Halo believes she only has time to pursue her career as a pet detective and must ignore her growing attraction to achieve her dreams. 
Will Halo trust her heart, and find a way to get both before Christmas? 

Christmas Hope-Casey Dawes: Clara Misowski is convinced Sam Richards’ cheese making operation would be a perfect stop for her culinary tour group. 
He’s adamantly opposed to anything to do with a group of women on his farm. 
Can she convince him to open his heart to company, Christmas, and maybe even her?

All for Maddie by Jettie Woodruff

All for MaddieAll for Maddie by Jettie Woodruff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had the honour of reading this book before its release. Jettie Woodruff kindly gave it to me to read and review honestly.

After reading the blurb on this book I so was looking forward to read it. I've not read a book by this author before and I love discovering new authors out there with a story to tell.

This is about a young girl who got raped, she had a child and called her Maddie, they both lived in a small rural place where she worked for her Father, and also worked part time in a cafe. Having has Maddie young, she was still young enough to go out and have fun. The awful experience stayed with her and of course it affected her.

Then.....HE shows up, the Father of Maddie.

Who would have expected such a tense, real and exposing story such as this. I got it from every angle of the situation. I hated the Father of Maddie right at the start, but towards the end, I was finding myself feeling sorry for him! why! Little Maddie had people tied around her little finger, and she was certainly tied around mine. Maddie is everyone Mother's little girl. I loved her.

I was hooked to this book from start to finish. I must tell the author, thank God for my slow cooker so that my family has food on the table when I get engrossed in a book! This just was such a fantastic read.

I want to read more of this authors books.

The author writes well, fluently and gets right into the corners of peoples minds and thoughts, it was wonderful. Loved it and can't recommend it enough.

I'm raving good things about this book, it will be available soon.

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I believe in love at first sight... because I am a mother.
Living a complete lie, holding on to a secret that could cost me the most important thing in my life was about to surface. I couldn’t breathe without Maddie. Maddie was my life. The saying about dying for your child is the absolute truth. The other things you would do are comparable to that of death. I know, I did those things. I did unthinkable things, all for Maddie. I continued the lie, the secrets with the one man who had no right. People say you always have options. That’s a lie. I had no choice. I did it all for her... for my Maddie.
Adult content...Sex /adult language

I will add the link to Amazon as soon as it goes for sale

Adam’s Boys by Anna Clifton

Adam’s BoysAdam’s Boys by Anna Clifton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC Received from Harlequin Enterprises Australia/Escape Publishing via NetGalley

I found myself quite enjoying this book. It was sad when he lost his wife and was left with the boys to look after, they has lost a Mother, he had lost a Wife.

There was mention of blackmail, but I didn't see that in the book.

After having a 'fling' with Abbie so soon after his wife's death, he is riddled with guilt and leaves his home town and goes to the UK. Leaving Abbie pregnant [unbeknown to him] and he son's with his parents.

He is feeling so guilty that he is being ate up about it like cancer to the bones.

It skips 4 years where he is back in Sydney and Abbie hears of this and feels guilty herself from keeping the knowledge that he is the father to her child. So they meet up.

The emotions in this book are raw, it touched me so much as I got really involved with how Adam felt in this book.

I loved this book.

Well done to the author for writing such a emotional rollercoaster of a read.

Would I recommend it, hell yes!
Would I buy this....oh yes!

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Wrong girl — wrong time? Adam’s fling with Abbie just weeks after the death of his wife may have been all wrong, but their time together gave him the strength to return home to his newborn son, Pete, and start their new life together. 

Wrong guy — wrong time? Abbie's fling with Adam may have been all wrong, but their time together gave her Henry, the sunshine in her life, and although Adam is long gone, Abbie can never regret the time they spent together. 

But two wrongs don't necessarily make a right. Adam Cooper is back, and when he learns the truth about his unknown son, he is hell-bent on creating a home and family for his boys, even if it means blackmailing Abbie into taking part. 

Abbie has scars from her own tumultuous childhood, and losing Henry would destroy her. But with only mistrust and pain to bind them, can she and Adam ever find a way through regret to love and the family they could be?

Ariel's Cottage by Judith-Victoria Douglas

Ariel's CottageAriel's Cottage by Judith-Victoria Douglas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given this book by the author Judith-Victoria Douglas to read a few months back. I have recently read this.

At first, I just wasn't too sure what this book was going to entail. Ariel seemed a strange sort of character who I just found very needy. Each time she had an 'encounter' with a male she would write it in a book.She would then Title it according to each person not by name, but by a deed or connective word. Could I stay with this book?

At first I thought it was like one of those films you watch, when you sit through it and at the end think "what was that all about!" but I was WRONG so very WRONG. The further I got through the story the more sucked in I became. The more action and revelations that were coming out, the more I was gripped. Who is Ariel, what happened to her? Is she hiding from anyone? why has she got herself into so many 'love' triangles. I didn't get it. On and on and on I read, my pages were turning faster and faster as I wanted to get to the end find out what was what. I was stunned by the ending, stunned in a GOOD way.

From a book that I thought was a bit....hmm what is this? to me saying......WOW really did turn the tables on me. Well done to Judith-Victoria Douglas for a brilliant read...This is not an erotic book, its not a love story as such, its not a thriller, its all of these put together.

The only downside to take it away from me giving it full 5 stars is the format. I needs attention.

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A powerful suspense filled romance; what discovery doesn't separate a broken promise could shatter.
Ariel was a victim at seventeen. She's now an unsung hero hidden for her protection. No one knows where she is or her real identity except her advocate. But strange events begin to occur around her home. It affects her sense of invisibility. As a writer in her early twenties living in a country cottage, Ariel devises an experiment to boost her writing and ease her perilously low funds. It's risky, but everything in Ariel's life is risky. Ariel's encounters bring back memories of how her ordeal began, as she learns to deal with the demons within. Her first real love is Jerry, the eighteen year old who cuts her grass. Stuck at seventeen emotionally Ariel experiences the pleasant side of her previous horrors, and begins to trust love again. A puppy leads trouble into her life, bringing Danny, a local deputy, to her door. Drawn to her he appoints himself guardian, soon learning there's more to her than imagined. But Danny harbors regret. His hard lesson brings out his true strength when he learns of Ariel's plight, her risky trysts and her love for another. He must let her go to keep her safe, allowing her to heal herself in her own way, always there to look out for her…always loving her.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bare Hearts by Devon 2 of Coming back to You series, released soon

Bare Hearts (Coming Back to You Book Two)Bare Hearts by Devon Youngblood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Devon Youngblood has done it again, released another heart stopping, breathtaking, not much sleep! Book. This had me up last night to the early hours trying to finish it. In the end with only 20% to go I had to reluctantly go to sleep. I have sat down now to read how its ended.

Two people coming together in the most unexpected way, who would have thought it? Well.....Devon Youngblood did, that's who!
I just knew there was a little more to her crappy Dad Tony, that came out near the end.
Thanks go to one of my top 50 new authors of this year, Devon Youngblood.

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Life can change in an instant.

When twenty-two year old Lily receives a devastating phone call, her life is sent into a whirlwind. Still holding on to hope, she meets Parker in the most unlikely place, where the two experience a special connection. 

Home from the Army after a four year stint Parker faces a tough decision whether or not to reenlist. While his life is spiraling downward from his own devastation, his only coping mechanism is living life on the edge. 

It’s not until later on when the two meet again in an unusual place that they realize their connection is too strong to resist. Brought together by tragedy, they hang on to each other as they start to slowly face their futures. 

Their toughest obstacle is yet to come when Parker realizes that he has been harboring a secret that could shatter Lily's world. Can they cope with their losses together or will the secret be too much to bare? 

Or can love really conquer all?


Hot Gossip by Susanne O'Leary--now ready to purchase on Amazon

Hot GossipHot Gossip by Susanne O'Leary
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is Susanne O`learys latest book which I've had the greatest of pleasure in reading as an ARC.
Isn't the cover great!
I love this author as she's taken a different chance on this story, more intense and romantically raw in my opinion with things to hide that come out later as you read further on into the pages.

I liked this one as much as I loved her previous book Hot Property. This isn't a carry on from that, its a stand alone book in its own right.
Its taken me today to sit down and read this lovely enjoyable read.
Susanne never disappoints her readers, yet another thumbs up from me.

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When Janine Marchand leaves her native France for a remote village on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, she hopes to let go of a painful past. She has changed her name and taken on a whole new identity But the locals are curious and soon tongues start wagging. To complicate matters, Janine gets involved with Mick O’Shea, a handsome man who harbours dark secrets of his own. She is drawn to him even though she knows the attraction might jeopardize the fresh start she is trying to build. When someone in the village alerts the press, Janine must make a decision: run away once more or stay to confront her past

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Missing One by Lucy Atkins [brilliant thriller]

The Missing OneThe Missing One by Lucy Atkins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started off reading this book because I liked the blurb. The front cover was appealing too and it was on Net Galley being promoted by Quercus Books.

I wasn't 100% sure as I've not heard of the author before now.

I've been gripped throughout this storyline. Kal is crushed when her mother dies of cancer. She's always felt pushed out from her Mother's affections, although now grown she knows that her Mother did love her. Her sister had a more closer relationship with her Mother.

Kal is undergoing some difficulties in her own personal life with her husband who she feels is having an affair because of a text message or two she has come across on his phone.

Whilst clearing our her Mother's studio she comes across many postcards that come from the same lady each year on the same day. She is now curious. As we progress in the story, she goes in search of more about her Mother as no one seems to be opening up to her. Make no doubt about this, its a thriller. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I was annoyed when I didn't have more time over the weekend to carry on reading this until the end.

The ending wasn't as expected.

Apart from the story, this author writes very well, captures your imagination, brings the words of the page to life along with the characters within it.

I would most definitely recommend this read to be on your wish list.

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Kal McKenzie always had a tricky relationship with her mother, Elena, but when Elena dies of breast cancer, Kal is bereft: how do you mourn a mother whose love you could never count on?

While clearing out Elena's art studio, Kal finds a drawer packed with postcards going back thirty-seven years. Each bears the same message from a stranger called Susannah Gillespie, who owns a gallery on a remote British Columbian island, a place of killer whales and storms. On impulse, Kal sets out for Spring Tide Island with her toddler, Finn, in tow. Can her mother's hidden past hold the key to their ruined relationship?

Once she arrives at Susannah's isolated home, Kal quickly realizes she has made a big mistake. The handsome and enigmatic Susannah is alternately elated and disturbed by Kal and Finn's arrival, and refuses to talk about her friendship with Elena. As Kal struggles to piece together what happened between the two women in this inhospitable place back in the 1970s, Susannah's behaviour grows more and more erratic. Most worryingly of all, Susannah is becoming increasingly preoccupied with little Finn..