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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Honky Tonk with a Tonk

I did like the premise of the storyline I just couldn't give it any more than 3 stars as I couldn't relate to the harshness in this book.

Her Grandmother was dying and she didn't even shed a tear? I found that very strange, and then again, maybe not if she could have sex with someone else's boyfriend! I found her quite devious and cold hearted and as for HIM, he just made my blood boil.

The murder charge was interesting and the getting results even more so.

I suppose all in all, with that being said, I didn't give up on the book, it was like one of those movies that you just had to sit through until the end hoping that you came away with something for the hours you spent on it. I did.

I found that the author told the story well, it was the charactors I couldn't relate to. 

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