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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hi People

I usually leave this page to add my reviews to books I have had the pleasure of reading and add bio's, cover reveals etc to the tabs at the top of this blog.

I have had the unique pleasure of getting to know a very humble author online over several months where we do not go a week without some communication.

Rene Schultz. Remember that name, because in my humble opinion it is going to slip from your lips when recommending a book as easy as you say Catherine Ryan Hyde or Diane Chamberlain or even Kristin Hannah!

When my good friend Philomena and myself opened a Facebook group to help authors promote their books and somewhere for them to chat amongst themselves, in turn we felt like we were giving something back to many authors who gave us a book to review in exchange for an honest review. Yep, that is our motto, HONEST. Its what we do in OUR humble opinion.

We have read many amazing books, many Indie and Unpublished authors struggling to be heard. OK, we get the odd few that are just 'run of the mill' and nothing really special. I can name a LOT of authors that have stood out for me, and I will, given time. 

I've chosen this author at this moment in time because she had a book published years ago, something went wrong, not with her, but the publishers, so she withdrew. 

7 years she has been sitting on books she has written. So when she was encouraged by her son to try again and go it alone she joined our Facebook group called 2 friends promote with authors. She offered very gingerly her book BISHOP STREET for an honest review. Very humble about it and biting her nails at the same time in the hope that someone may like it.

I was attracted at first by the cover because it reminded me of some books years ago that I thoroughly enjoyed by very famous best sellers. I responded and she gifted me her book.

I remember telling her in a private message that she has been hiding her light under a bushel! did I enjoy it? I thoroughly was gobsmacked that an Indie author could write so brilliantly. The story was so good, she writes from her heart, you can feel the instant attraction to each of her characters in her book.

The reason I have written this so public on my blog [and I don't mean to leave anyone else out whose book I have enjoyed so much] is because.....
I had asked her when she was going to write another book. Her reply was, she has some already sat on her PC. But she has never thought them worthy. GIVE THEM TO ME. I need to read them, I'd read them in draft if I had to.

Her next book she is having edited etc as I type, and she revealed the cover to myself and Phil, awesome. When she asked me and Phil if we would like to be a beta reader for her.........we literally jumped at the chance. 

DONE DEAL is going to be her next book, its unlike her first one but just as heart felt, I am not going to tell you what its about.........yet, until she is ready to release it. 

I need you to know that you need to give this lady a chance, get her book, see if you like it, because she really does have talent, and for those that know me, they will know I write bull.

Another thing about Rene is that she just does not know her talent. That in itself is an attraction. 

This is RENE

This is her first book



  1. Great article Sue! I believe Rene to be one talented smart cookie! I am always inspired by her kind, people who are gifted and somehow remain humble and real! Thanks for all you and Phil do... We authors appreciate you :)

    1. Dear Cheryl, I remember a quote I once read by Albert Einstein- "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." Sometimes it takes a while for writers to truly understand their value. I read your book and you are a talented author!

  2. Thank you so much for that beautiful story of a writer who finally found her way home! She followed the road to 2-friends as a scared writer and has now bloomed into an 'Author.' Thank you Sue for being such a wonderful support and confidant to the 'Indie' authors looking for a place to be!

  3. Sue Ward! You have been hiding your light under a bushel as much as Rene Shultz! This is a fabulous site. I love it. I may move in. I am envious of all the tech skills. I, too have connected with Rene. Bishop Street is wonderful and deserves to be #1 on the Best Seller list. A fabulous Christmas book as far as I'm concerned. Much ado about the right kind of book.