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Friday, 13 September 2013

Wonderful Trilogy

This concluded the series, and this book was every bit as good as the first.

Angel may be seen in some countries to be young when she marries Simon. In the UK this can be normal and legally done.

Angel finds out her new husband has a decease that will shorten his life span AFTER she marries him. When Simon takes his own life she is devastated. He may not have taken his life if it weren't for a certain person. What happens to Angel when Simon dies? what happens to all of the estate. Will Angel find happiness so young? or will it take her off the tracks?

We see Angel with Miles, she is now pregnant and facing like any woman young or old the thoughts of her unplanned pregnancy. She is aware that she is still young and has a lot to learn. Will Miles and Angel keep the baby? Will Miles stand by her?


Angel has had to grow up fast! We see that money is not the be all and end all of solving problems.
She's been through a lot.
There is more to get through in this book 3 and I feel this is the climax of the book. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy. 

I was given these to read by the author for an honest review, which I believe I have don

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