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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

VICKI GREEN my new fav author!

This is book 1. 

I've been waiting to read book 2 before adding the review as it hadn't been released yet until now.

Oh what a read! I've been promising to read this book, I so wish I had got around to it sooner. I just wanted book 2 to be ready so that I could read that one also and put both reviews up together. 

Vicki has a lovely way of writing that brings the characters to life and live alongside you. You can actually befriend them, which is nice. I felt they were in my living room by the time I finished, and sorry if that sounds over the top!

Great heart felt read. At the first it seems a bit daunting, but stick with it, it just gets better and better. 

I can't wait to read book 2

This book does have sexual content in it and some bad language to make sure you are aware of this before reading. Its for the over 18+

Book 2

What can I say, after reading book 1 I just HAD to see what would happen next. We all know that our past shapes the person we are today, but do we realize how much our past really does shape us? how our past catches up with us sooner or later.?

I loved how the author knitted all this together and reading the 2nd book was great in that it never kept going over book 1. Who needs that! I hate it when I buy book 2 and it spends half its pages going over and reviewing book flipping 1!! this doesn't. I love how the author took that to mind.

If a good read is in order, I say read these. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

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