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Friday, 20 September 2013

The beach House

4/5 starts 
I was gifted this book in paper form at by the author.

I found the first bit hard going trying to get into it. I managed this about 35% the way may not be the authors problem it could possibly be mine as I didn't find it gripped me until later when things started to happen and life and loss started to emerge.

I can say though that I enjoyed the book in the end, just found it a struggle at the start.

My pet hate was having the characters every single bodily movement documented. I just felt some of that wasn't needed. If someone is coming in through a door of course they have entered the room if they are starting to speak to them. I'm sorry if I sound too harsh, but some things the readers can read between the lines about, I felt like I was going to be told when they were sneezing or coughing next. I feel strongly about this, if this was less then the book would have been so much more enjoyable for me.

The overall story once I got past this was fantastic.I loved how the story went, how the girl grew and developed as a young lady.

So all in all, as long as you don't mind my pet hate, you will enjoy this story.

 sorry to the author for my thoughts, but they are my humble thoughts and 100% honesty as I see it and this doesn't reflect from it could have been excellent for me but for that one thing.

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