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Monday, 16 September 2013


I don't really like writing reviews with lots and lots of spoilers, I want to with this one, but I better not! This story is tender, full of emotions, it takes emotions from both sides of any issues. The one thing I have taken with me after reading this book is how the past really does shape your future and your future is what you make it to be. SAY YES SARAH, the very title of this book intrigued me. Say YES to what, I thought. I've not read a book by this auhor before and Blance Marriott gifted me it for an honest review. I have no problems at all in saying how much I loved this book. Its a story that is tender, compassionate and full of loss. Don't mistake it for a happy ending love story as its much more than that! 

Loved, loved, loved the style of this authors work, I have now added her to my top 10 favourite authors. I want to be able to get another book of hers to convince myself she is "that" good. She is defo on my list of potential bestsellers, really remarkable. 

I would give this story 10/10 if reading on Good Reads, then its 5/5 stars as its the highest they will allow me to go.

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