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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Randy little devil

Sexy looking guy on the front cover huh! And let me tell you, he was sexy all the way through too!!!

I found this book very interesting in that for me, at the beginning I got into the storyline very well, having lost his wife to another lover of course he was hurt and afraid of becoming hurt again. I got it!

As the storyline unfolded though and he found he had feelings for this lady friend where he was the Manager and she of course had to call him "Sir" it was apparent to me it would lead into a love affair.

It REALLY was erotica. As they had sex in all kinds of places one night in the shop he managed, well, give it your full imagination and you'll come up with all sorts, but I bet you won't come up with them all!

Malfunction Erotica? What is it? Well, its Pleasure Unbound, and this surely was.

I received this as an ARC for an honest review. I am not sure if I won this in a Giveaway or whether the author themselves allowed me to read it, either way, its from the author themselves I guess.

I am not saying I didn't enjoy it, or that I did, I'm puzzled at my reaction as for me, its so far fetched for me to believe all that happened there, so maybe the juries still out, hmmm.

If you like erotica at its most explicit, you will LOVE this. I just thought it was like a porn movie [not that I've watched many of them.......honest!] hardly any story, just full on, full blown sex.

OK if you want to have a randy night *wink*

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