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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

JANIE DECOSTER What my sister didn't know


I love the cover of this book, it attracted me to it by the eye first and then the blurb.
The author gifted me this book for an honest review without any undue pressure of me reading it and giving my humble opinion.

I find this author very good with the written word, she tells a story very well all except for a couple of things.

1. I felt there was just too much detail at times in the narration. Needless things being narrated. I think most readers don't need to have everything clarified right down to the minute detail, it grated on me as soon as I picked up on it which meant I had to struggle to keep to the point of the story.

2. It was a bit slow in places.

On the whole I think this story with a few changed would and could be a good one. I am just a humble reader and reviewer and those are my thoughts on the book.

Thank you Janie DeCoster for allowing me to read it. :)


Saphire married Clay Matthews, a handsome, down to earth and loyal man who worships the ground her designer shoes walk on. But no matter how hard she tries to love him, her heart yearns for another.
Gade, Saphire's younger sister, married the man of her dreams. Lamonte Singletary is everything a red-blooded woman could ever want in a man. After the birth of their son, life has been picture perfect. That is, until Joe Burrels, a bittersweet memory from the past, returns with a haunting secret he is determined to reveal.
Now the bond of sisterhood could be destroyed forever.

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