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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I read this book within 2 hours, its very very short, around 50 pages.
The author makes the most of the time in the storyline though and captures quite a bit of emotion and developed the characters very well in such a short time.
Its well written. I'd like to read a longer book of hers though as this author has fantastic potential.

Its more a blind date, hook up get off erotic one night stand that at the end is not a one night stand.

There are a lot of books out there at the moment being written the same way, short, full on sex, but this one does have a story to it which made it better for me than a book full of clit sucking and ball sucking ( if you know what I mean) which gets kinda boring (sorry lol)

The downside for me is that it was very short, and the ending to me was over in a flash making me turn the pages thinking I'd missed something.

The author gifted me this book for an HONEST opinion. Which I feel I have done, pointing out tat she is a good author but the plot at the end was a bit 

unreal for me.

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