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Monday, 30 September 2013

Bette Lee Crosby does it again!

Just HAD to give this a 5/5

Bette Lee Crosby has done it again for me. She had drawn me into another book, another story, another day vanished while I had my nose stuck in my book, in some ways resting my bad back at the moment is sure a pleasure!!!

We can all get stuck in our marriage in later life and not realize the other person has more things going on in their own personal life and feelings than you are aware of, even though you are married to them. 

This wife is settled. She has brought up her children, made friends in her neighbourhood and very contented with the home that she has built up over the years of her marriage. On the other hand, her ageing husband is not so content. A job that he is sick and tired of, a rat race he's in, being left a nice place abroad by a relative is the answer to his dreams, who wants to age where he lives? who doesn't want to spread their wings and live a little. He does. She doesn't.

I am sure this is so true to life. I am middle aged, and changes happen within a marriage/relationship and its hard to change with it.

I found the struggle they both had very real and understood it all the way through. I loved the ending.

Well done to Bette Lee Crosby for yet another brilliant read!

I received this book in exchange for a review, that was not a problem to me, I just love it. Thank you Bette.

Mark it to read 

Purchase it 

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