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Saturday, 24 August 2013


 Hi, I am an indie author and have been writing for just over two years. I released my first book last year, and have never looked back.
I am a lover of the old kind of fantasy. A hero, a heroine, romance, mystical creatures, faeries, trolls and great new worlds. I do not want it to be too complicated, I want to sit down, relax, read, and enjoy. My fantasy stories are just that, and as one reviewer wrote, ‘good old fashion story telling.’
The best thing about writing a trilogy is seeing how my main characters evolve and grow, and as with all great romances, how their love for each other becomes stronger and stronger.

The trilogy starts with Kainan, book 1. In one night Kainan's life is destroyed; everyone and everything he has ever known gone. Forced by the evil Gorzars into stealing the magical Ardor Crystal, the life force of the world of Malgar he is then beaten and left to die. Unknown to Kainan, Lady Arweyn of Malgar follows him through the portal. She saves his life with her incredible magical powers, and now together they must seek out the truth about his heritage and find out who he really is. When the truth unfolds, Kainan and four other men then embark on a journey to recover the Ardor Crystal and return it to Malgar. Arweyn, although forbidden, follows them. Thrown together, and torn apart by murder, lies, and treachery, they battle against mythical creatures, and discover magic, power, friendship and love in their epic quest to save the world of Malgar, and stop the return of the Evil Gorzar Empire. Time is running out.


I am now working on a spin off from the Deragan Sword Prophecy, and a brand new paranormal romance, which I hope to have released in time for Christmas.

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