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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

cover revealed

THIS IS THE COVER REVEALED FOR Protect me! Isn't it lovely

PROTECT ME by Jennifer Culbreth 
Coming August 1st 2013

I was lucky to be given an ARC by the author, you are in for a lovely surprise when this goes LIVE in August. Its a MUST read. I'm a very fussy reader, I just can't help it, but maybe because I have been reading seriously since the age of 16 [other than school books that you HAVE to read lol] and I am now 56 almost  I suppose I have read loads of books, this being said, I have come out of the closet and read a wider range of genres now. And thanks to Phil my read in crime, she has encouraged me by telling me about certain books she's enjoyed which I have later gone on to enjoy just as much.

So.....with that being said, this book by this lovely talented author is one you must not miss out on. I really enjoyed it  it was a pleasure to read.

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