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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Charming and fun to read

What an absolutely charming book.

I was lucky to have this sent to my home address by the author as a gift. I opened the packaged and browsed through it with the intention of sitting down and enjoying it later. I couldn't find it! There was laughter coming from my 30 yr old daughters bedroom, and I knew she had no one but a budgie in there! that is where I tracked my book down.

We were taking it in turns to read out the jokes, and as for the words DING DONG they will forever remain in my memory and recall that joke in this book, to name but a few.

My son picked it up when he came in from work, he was reading out sections to my husband.

I can honestly say this is a well thought out book, its not like any other joke book I have come across, as its written very carefully and thoughtfully as to subject matter too.

Well done Brian Cosgrove for bringing some laughter into my home

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