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Thursday, 6 June 2013

I was given this book by the author, well, I requested it on a site :)

I've never read such a book with this kind of lay out before, it was kinda interesting. At first, I was totally confused as there were so many peoples accounts. I put it down to my old age and plodded on LOL

I found it quite depressing in the start, let me say, AT THE START, once I got 'into' it and realized how this was panning out with each person from each chapter I was taken more and more into the reading of these accounts.

I found it thought provoking, and unusual. The storyline was good, no, the storyline was GREAT, but it did take me a while to sort things out in my head.

Once I did, I was well and truly gripped into this novel, its depressing, it can be uplifting, it can be sad, very sad, then it has its sense of humour inside the accounts too. I did like the book, the only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I found it confusing in the beginning and had to keep back tracking over myself for each person that was telling the story

You can purchase this book HERE

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