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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

There seems to have been a lot of hype on this book where some readers were saying horrible nasty things about its contents and to the author, well, I just HAD to read it and see for myself.

I'm 55 yrs old, its erotic, sexual but nothing I haven't read before! There are lots of books out there, you choose to read them. If anyone has chosen to read this and didn't like it or didn't approve of the contents, then why buy it in the first place? or why not just put it down and choose another that you like better? Just because its a story from one of your fav authors doesn't mean they will write another book and another book that you approve of. Artists like to explore and push the boundaries now and again, that is their ability.

I loved this book, it was different, and at the end, made you think, although it has sexual content, like I say, its nothing that some wouldn't watch on TV. Its a shame its resulted in the author pulling this book. 

1 comment:

  1. Well said Sue ... they should have put it down and read something else and left this one for those who DID want to read it ...feel exactly the same about TV progs - if I don't like it, I switch over, or off.