Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sometimes with all the hype over something, you get all excited and then..............
After seeing Judy and Richard promoting this book, I feel, too much already. But that didn't stop me purchasing it. I didn't purchase this off of Amazon so you won't see it connected with my account.

I was very surprised at how good this book was, not saying that Judy didn't have it 'in her' but it takes quite a lot of a person to write a book, its not easy, and to make characters come to life. I was hooked from the first chapter. I adored the reading of this book, the characters, the mystery, and the suspense. Judy says she was drawn from the death of Karen, Gloria Huniford's daughter who died of cancer. I also can see that Judy has a love for Cornwall, and why not. I love it too.

Well done Judy on your first book, I hope you are working on another as I think you have found your 'retirement' niche!

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