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Sunday, 28 April 2013

JUST REMEMBER TO BREATH by Charles Sheehan-Miles

What a read, I've not had my tissues out since Jojo Moyes, Me before you novel. the ups and downs in this book, the friendships, the breakups, the rape, the family with it all but with nothing at all that matters. It truly makes you think. I love the two main characters in this book, I like how mature Alex is and how complex Dylan is with all his hang ups, how he expressed himself in the final chapter brought tears to my eyes as it did to Alex. Her father who thought he knew it all and how his family were open with him, and good on him to be humble.

As you can see, I adored this book. although A Song for Julia is the one I am going to read next as it ties in with this storyline the author has said its a stand alone book, I would recommend them to be read in sequence, so guess what, I am off to start this next read.

I had never heard of Charles Sheehan-Miles, what a brilliant writer!!!!

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