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Friday, 26 April 2013

I'm an avid book worm, and like many who have this addiction, they will understand when they are waiting for a new book to be releases, they just can't wait, well, I am one of those people!

I've been reading from the age of 16 [ish] seriously, now that's apart from the books you read when growing up, those you HAVE to read, but for pleasure, I would defo say from the age of 16. 

My very first read was by the late Catherine Cookson entitled The Girl. I used to be up until late reading then finding myself not wanting to get up in the morning where I was so tired. I am sure many can relate to this.

I have quite a wide spectrum of reads, not into horror or fantasy though.

I just thought I would share some of the books I have read, and some I will be reading or reading. You never know, it may take your interest too.

I had to stop reading when the kids were little, they are grown now and I am 55 yrs old, my book reading never wavered and I could occassionally find the time and energy to sit and read [mostly lay and read in bed!]

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