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Saturday, 27 April 2013

I must agree with the majority on this book.

It came out as a freebie, and because I was 'brought up' as a JW I thought I would read her experience. I must hasten to add I am NOT a JW now. I started to wean myself out when I was around 30 yrs old, I am now 55.

I found this book so disappointing. I know some details have to be surrounding things as some may not know why such actions were taken, but.........I personally would have given some round detail in the beginning about events that I would later talk about in the book first, so a reference could have been made to it when reading the story.

There was too much detail about the why's and where fors of the JW'S and hardly anything about her life. I was expecting to read about her time and experiences in that organization and why she left, she only touched on it, no deep thoughtful meanings, nothing I could 'get my teeth into' there wasn't anything that kept my attention.

I read this book from cover to cover in an evening. I kept with it thinking that sooner or later it would all 'come out' and she would pick up her life story, but no.

I'm so glad she is free from it. But I do feel the main aim of this book is to aim towards what she is involved with now, another organization of the Bible.

I wouldn't recommend this book unless she rewrite this with references to JW's decisions on things in Preface, and then tells her story more deeply that we can understand. I was left feeling this person is not being entirely honest and clear.

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