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Saturday, 27 April 2013

I have left this book to read for many reasons, mostly because so many people said it was amazing and I didn't want to be disappointed. Let me explain, its a bit like someone gushing about a film they have watched, and then more say the same, I've then got the film to watch and thought "What was all the fuss" BUT, this book, I should have read this sooner! Never has a book sent so many emotions through me. Hardly ever have I cried after reading a book and it leaving me with so many questions, not unanswered questions, oh no, the author did a marvelous job on this novel. I was in this story ever step of the way.

It left me pondering what I would do if I were the Mother. It left me wondering what I would do if I was the carer. Then, it left me thinking of myself in that disabled person's situation and wondering what I would do. Normally I can close one book and open another, not this time. It left me to think hard about what I had just read.

My only regret? that I hadn't read this sooner.

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