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Monday, 29 April 2013

This was one of the best slow cooker books I have read. I downloaded it to my PC for better viewing. The layout of the book is good, the photo's are brilliantly displayed.

I'd recommend this recipe book.

I had my Slow Cooker for Christmas and was very scared of using it, over a time I have gained more confidence and and willing to try out some of these recipes in this book.

You can turn the most cheapest of meats into something delicious, this book shows you how.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

This is what I am reading now, the follow on book from Just remember to breath

This is such a great follow on from the first book. I am half way through it and just can't wait to have time to sit and read more of this. Its sad, emotional and very touching at times, this author writes well and pulls you right into the story

JUST REMEMBER TO BREATH by Charles Sheehan-Miles

What a read, I've not had my tissues out since Jojo Moyes, Me before you novel. the ups and downs in this book, the friendships, the breakups, the rape, the family with it all but with nothing at all that matters. It truly makes you think. I love the two main characters in this book, I like how mature Alex is and how complex Dylan is with all his hang ups, how he expressed himself in the final chapter brought tears to my eyes as it did to Alex. Her father who thought he knew it all and how his family were open with him, and good on him to be humble.

As you can see, I adored this book. although A Song for Julia is the one I am going to read next as it ties in with this storyline the author has said its a stand alone book, I would recommend them to be read in sequence, so guess what, I am off to start this next read.

I had never heard of Charles Sheehan-Miles, what a brilliant writer!!!!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

At the moment I am reading this first series in a trilogy of three.

I started to read this 2 days ago, I wanted to read today but haven't had the time, so I am really looking forward to later tonight when I can get my nose stuck back into this again.

I won't say too much about this book, I'm not a great believer in giving too many spoilers away, the only thing I am going to say is, I'm almost at the end of this first book and it's an emotional read. From many who have read this before me, some have had to take a break from it as its a roller coaster of a ride. 

Would I recommend this book? Yes!

HONEST was its title, and honest it seemed to be. I like [what I know of] Tulisa, she seems straight and honest, and I feel the book was exactly that.

If I had one fault, it was where she put herself up for 'importance' at times and the 'big I am' I really don't like that much in someone's character, I'm not sure if she sees it that way, but I certainly read it that way.

Quite a nice read

I was looking forward to reading this book but I found it quite a labour to plough through. Heloise is the main focal point of the book but I thought the author played so much on the character and not the story, it seemed to be missing something, oh yes, A STORYLINE, I just didn't get into this book at all, halfway through I gave up, I hate to give up on books!

This was such a sad story, and quite unbelievable. That doesn't mean I didn't believe it, just exactly the opposite, its so unbelievable it has to be true! but to think that this man could take so much of this little girls childhood, teenage years right into her early twenties and have children by him. I'm astounded that someone couldn't see what was happening or someone reporting this.

So this was the book they wanted to ban but didn't succeed. I am so glad they didn't, it gives an insight to how poor the institution for looking after vulnerable children are. I am a reader of Cathy Glass books and she also tells it as it is, black, white and no grey areas in between.

I am like Carla, I am all for protecting the children. I have a friend who works within social care and she admitted to how many mistakes are made. 

If you don't read anything else this year that is factual and accurate, please read this 

What an excellent read. It was a nice cosy read to sit down to, felt gentle and not hurried, the outcome was not as I expected though. Defo not a 'happy ever after' in one degree but is in another [you will need to read it to understand that comment lol]

Up against what I had written about her two previous novels, this one was well worth waiting for. I was hesitating about reading this, after the last two books and me not enjoying them so much I was overwhelmed with this one, well done Danielle Steel, I was thinking you had lost the plot. It just goes to show, just because someone has written a lot of best sellers doesn't mean there aren't some not so enjoyable books they have written.

I really enjoyed the book, the author pulled this story together well. Mind you, she's one of my fav authors. I was brought up on stories like this.

I am so sorry, I can't say much about this book. The write up seemed like a storyline, but I was bored and really couldn't understand it, it was sort of messed up for me.

The family Baxter series will leave draw you in like never before. You will become apart of this family and live alongside them, eat with them, weep with them, rejoice with them.

Karen Kingsbury has a unique way of telling a story, its a Christian novel as all her novels are, but its not 'preachy'. I've since read a lot of her books and found them based around real life. Quote thought provoking in many places and stays with you long after you have finished reading them.

Getting through the series of the Baxter family was not a hardship at all, it many times made me laugh, many times made me cry. Finding dilemma's along the way, when family members aren't so well knitted together and things go wrong.

The father who lost his wife and pines for her, the letters found by his daughter. I found it altogether one remarkable read. Loved it. I love the Baxters.

I must agree with the majority on this book.

It came out as a freebie, and because I was 'brought up' as a JW I thought I would read her experience. I must hasten to add I am NOT a JW now. I started to wean myself out when I was around 30 yrs old, I am now 55.

I found this book so disappointing. I know some details have to be surrounding things as some may not know why such actions were taken, but.........I personally would have given some round detail in the beginning about events that I would later talk about in the book first, so a reference could have been made to it when reading the story.

There was too much detail about the why's and where fors of the JW'S and hardly anything about her life. I was expecting to read about her time and experiences in that organization and why she left, she only touched on it, no deep thoughtful meanings, nothing I could 'get my teeth into' there wasn't anything that kept my attention.

I read this book from cover to cover in an evening. I kept with it thinking that sooner or later it would all 'come out' and she would pick up her life story, but no.

I'm so glad she is free from it. But I do feel the main aim of this book is to aim towards what she is involved with now, another organization of the Bible.

I wouldn't recommend this book unless she rewrite this with references to JW's decisions on things in Preface, and then tells her story more deeply that we can understand. I was left feeling this person is not being entirely honest and clear.

I was so lucky to be in the right place at the right time to download this novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the read, the writer tells the story very well, fluently and without flaw and hesitation. I do agree with one reviewer in that it jumped up a notch to quickly from one year to several years later which left me wondering the 'in between years and what happened' it only distracted from the story line in a few minute until I got into it again.

I loved the characters and they were very well brought to life in my mind. Off to look if she has written anything else. Well worth your time and money.

I was recommended to read this book, for the strength of character this person is. I wasn't sure at first as these type of reads can upset me. The details of the abuse was awful and how the 'new mom' would hire them out for these men. It was so harrowing to read. What did come out load and clear was, we see teenagers and young children behaving so badly and so many that do not respect authority. I am not saying all are abused, but it does make you wonder what kind of life they have to live at home. Like I said, not all children, some are just rebellious because its their age and finding their footing in life.

This young lady came out the other side but with many many scars.

Truly a remarkable read and truly a terrible horrific childhood.

I found this book very difficult to read. It was [to me] very confusing at first. I got half way through and decided I couldn't really tackle reading any more. It wasn't the writing, it was very well written it was the storyline that I just couldn't get into. It was very dark, very depressing.

Its probably because its not the kind of topical story I would choose to read. You may enjoy it, it just wasn't my 'cup of tea'

I have read all of Cathy Glass true tales she has told from her experience of being a Foster Mum. Each time I am invited into her family that I too feel like I am being "fostered" by Cathy as I read and get involved in all aspects of her life and her family.

I truly loved this remarkable tale as the outcome for me was unexpected. I will be looking forward to the next real life tale by this author. She really has a way of writing. I also enjoy the fact that although she goes along with her role and commitment of being a foster mum she does stand up sometimes and be counted and make her point heard for the benefit of the child.

Thank you Cathy for another remarkable experience.

I did enjoy the previous books in this series a lot, but this one seems to have lost the plot a bit. I agree with someone else where it reminded them of PS I LOVE YOU. It wasn't as believable for me as the last one and I am reluctant to carry on with the series now hoping it doesn't spoil the rest of my enjoyment of this series.

I will plod on.

I have just finished reading Home Front by Kristin Hannah and boy what a bumpy ride of emotions I have been on. This book drew me into the family and between Jo and her husband bit by bit, I wanted to be his granny and I wanted to be her PT. I won't tell you too much about the story, but when Jo returns home and has a limb missing this reminded me of my Dad many years ago. The struggle and the emotions and the frustrations, the blanking of family to deal with your wounds but for Jo, she didn't just loose a limb. She lost part of her life so her emotions were a lot to deal with. I could see from both sides, the husband, the wife, but I could also see from the children's point of view and the husbands Mother. This book has left me thinking what to read next as this book was so intense, what do I read now that can match this?

I would recommend this book, you will NOT be disappointed

I have read Dorothy Koomsons books before, just 2 of them though. I started this book and it captured my interest right away. I knew from this that I was going to thoroughly enjoy the read. I was not disappointed in the least. I so wanted to sort her husband out, I so wanted to shake the wife and say "man up".

The appearance of a daughter from her friend and how as you read chapter by chapter things pieced together, then you though your mind was on the right lines..................whooosh..........something throws you, are you right? is it her, did she, did he, did they????

I was enthralled to the end, and was sad to see the last page.

I was lucky to get this book for my Kindle for free. I am so glad that I did. I got into this book right away. Forgiveness is one of the difficult things to do in life and this book shows how we can change our entire life with doing just that.

Its a love story with a difference. I really enjoyed reading this and watching a relationship mend,seeing how a community of people make a difference when people care about each other. If you are thinking of reading this book, think no longer, get it, because you won't be disappointed.

What can I say about this book that hasn't already been said.

The story is told mainly through the eyes of two major character. Two very strong and two very wronged woman, one white, one black. I like how the storyline portrays things and major events through black eyes and white eyes at that time. Its awful to think that those times ever existed and that people are still raciest today.

I found myself admiring the strength of Ben's who even though he had a lot of wrong that came his way he stood his ground. I loved the Mamma Mae and Papa, two very real people who protected Belle. I won't give too much of the storyline away but this author is certainly one to keep your eye on.

I was intrigued by this book that is why I chose it. I am glad that I did. Its a diary kept by a neighbour who hears the family adjacent to her apartment allegedly abusing their little boy.
It was well written, well documented but it left me thinking she could have done more.

She did contact child support, she did call the Police, but there were several times in which she didn't. Not everyone would act the same. I would just like to think I would keep on and on to these authorities and not worry if I am looking like a nosey neighbour or someone making something bigger than what it appears to be. I am a person that would not be satisfied if I heard something like this going on and just call the authorities a few times. This was going on for a year! I don't care if I looked foolish or an interferring old biddy, I'd err on the side of caution.

She wanted to print and publish this dairy into a book to make others aware and take action, well, she did take action, but up to a point. I would have gone far reaching that this.

Well written, well followed but sometimes the jokes make it shallow

What an absorbing read! I got into this book right away. It intrigued me throughout the book. I thought it was very well written with a lot of emotion, common sense and well being. I normally don't have much time in the day to read, but I found time in between cooking meals and cleaning. I picked it up at any oppotunity as I wanted to know what happens next.

The character were very well explained and portrayed, the narration was not overly long and when conversations were being had between characters you felt you were taking the part. I will definatly be reading more from this author.

Sometimes with all the hype over something, you get all excited and then..............
After seeing Judy and Richard promoting this book, I feel, too much already. But that didn't stop me purchasing it. I didn't purchase this off of Amazon so you won't see it connected with my account.

I was very surprised at how good this book was, not saying that Judy didn't have it 'in her' but it takes quite a lot of a person to write a book, its not easy, and to make characters come to life. I was hooked from the first chapter. I adored the reading of this book, the characters, the mystery, and the suspense. Judy says she was drawn from the death of Karen, Gloria Huniford's daughter who died of cancer. I also can see that Judy has a love for Cornwall, and why not. I love it too.

Well done Judy on your first book, I hope you are working on another as I think you have found your 'retirement' niche!

This is difficult to write, because I grew up reading books by Catherine Cookson, and Danielle Steel. I've not faulted one of her books, but this one, I have to say was not up to her standard, it seems rushed, it was so predictable and didn't seem to have any body or weight to it. 
This is a terrible third, forth or even sixth word book I have ever had the chance to read. What I mean is, its all hearsay. Another thing is, Simon must have had a hand in this book, its all 'nice' and excusable for any of his 'mistakes' actions.

Don't waste your money, your better of reading Cheryl Cole's, it was honest and a much better read

I have left this book to read for many reasons, mostly because so many people said it was amazing and I didn't want to be disappointed. Let me explain, its a bit like someone gushing about a film they have watched, and then more say the same, I've then got the film to watch and thought "What was all the fuss" BUT, this book, I should have read this sooner! Never has a book sent so many emotions through me. Hardly ever have I cried after reading a book and it leaving me with so many questions, not unanswered questions, oh no, the author did a marvelous job on this novel. I was in this story ever step of the way.

It left me pondering what I would do if I were the Mother. It left me wondering what I would do if I was the carer. Then, it left me thinking of myself in that disabled person's situation and wondering what I would do. Normally I can close one book and open another, not this time. It left me to think hard about what I had just read.

My only regret? that I hadn't read this sooner.

I've heard it said this is a "wonderful read" many times. I wondered if I'd be disappointed because of the hype on this novel. I wasn't! Its not my kind of book, but was recommended to me by someone who has similar taste's in reading matter as I do. So I read it. I am so glad I did.

I was hooked into the story from beginning to end. 70% of the way through I was convinced I knew the ending, I did not! it was the most unsuspecting ending I have read to date.

Thoroughly engrossing, an 'unput downable' which I do not say lightly.

When I write a review I don't like to tell people of the story much does that its a brilliant read and you won't be disappointed, if you are a parent, you will see all sides in this story.

This book was recommended to me from a very good friend online who has many similar tastes as mine in books. I trust her judgement as she's not been wrong so far!

I've never heard of this author, much to my shame. She writes fluently, the story is very easy to read and digest. This particular story started off with abuse of a small little girl. It showed how a parent or parents can get it so very wrong. This went onto a division of trust for her and many thoughts when growing up. Until she found the love of her life who she could trust.

I hope you get the chance to read this too as you won't be disappointed.

Amazon free daily books had this one to download one day, so seeing as it sounded like my kind of read, I did. It was waiting on my Kindle for quite some time to be read, I wish I had read this sooner. Not my usual type of read at all. This then got me to thinking I should expand a bit more.

The main character in this book is a psychologist. While she is treating a mental health patient in the hospital she has demons of her own to face. Its got a mystery type suspense feel to this story, it flowed really well. This is an author I will certainly be following.

Friday, 26 April 2013

The author Susan Lewis, now what can I say. Is there any such book as a bad book from her? Not for me there hasn't been, I have others on my list I need to read. 

This was enthralling to say the least, the author grabs you right from the start and before you know it your'e there with them all. Its a very 'meaty' book and hits you right between the eyes. 

Read this in 2 days, I was glued to the book! Even sat waiting for the potatoes to cook whilst reading this book. I'd not heard of this author before. I was lucky to buy this off of someone I knew online, I since passed it on to someone else. Marvalous read, touching, sad, and warm. 

I really love Kristin Hannah books, but this one left me a bit lost.

I don't like giving much of a story away when I write a review as I don't like to spoil someone else's enjoyment. However, I have to touch on it to explain how I feel.

There is more to this story than what I am writing, please let me say that.

A woman's husband falls in love with her sister. She leaves and travels on a plane, the plane crashes, she doesn't know she is badly injured.

Unbeknown to her, she is in an induced coma because of head injuries. Meanwhile she thinks she's found a bed and breakfast that she is staying in. The bed and breakfast is really closed due to the fact the there is only a little boy there whose Mummy has died and he is of course very upset. His Mummy and Daddy were divorced and he didn't get to see much of his Dad. His Dad is back in his life and loves the little boy so very much but the little boy is lost because his Daddy wants to do the bed and breakfast up and sale it and move back to Boston.

Then Joy comes into their lives. The lady from the plane crash.

Let me explain, Joy can only be seen by the little boy and Daniel the Father cannot see her. But he speaks to her! He speaks to her because the little boy goes to counselling and his therapist said for the Father to acknowledge his 'imaginary friend' who happens to be Joy.

While she stays and falls in love with the little boy and helps his emotional recovery and falls in love with Dad she works through her anger and emotions of her sister and her husband getting together and her sister being pregnant by her husband. She grows to accept it.

Then, we are taken to the hospital where Joy come's to. She is now confused about where she has been as its so 'real' to her.

Now let me jump a few pages. She makes up with her sister and her soon to be ex husband, but meanwhile she is convinced that she didn't imagine Daniel and Bobby. On crutches she travels to find the town she was in. Eventually she finds it, knocks on the door and they live happy ever after.

Although the story was a good one, its not believable to me, or am I just not into the spirit of make believe?

I was lucky enough to be able to have access to this author on a forum for authors once. She had a book to download for free that day called SECRETS, I downloaded it and began to read it. I read it in one day. I just loved the storyline, I went on to read her next novel, and I asked her if she would let me know when her book Joanna was released. Which she did. I purchased this and as soon as I had finished the book I was reading, I went straight on to read this one.

Jan's style of writing is lovely, it flows brilliantly and such a great story teller.
What an extrodainary book. I loved it. I won't spoilt it, but the wife and husband were separated and each chapter was spoken from each point of view, it all tied in lovely. Tender, well written and totally another best one I have read for a long time.

I bought this book on a recommendation from an online friend when it reduced in price. Its one of a series and as yet this is the only one I have read, so far.

There are lots of characters in this book, the main one being Cathy who takes in troubled teens and woman who are in abusive relationships. She would love to help them all, however she cannot. Its just a house that she lives in on a notorious hard hitting street. Cathy too has a surprise in store at the end of this book. I guessed what it was a few chapters before, but just didn't know what the conclusion would be.

Its a 'busy' book, lots of things happening and lots to take your interest. You won't be disappointed

This was very amusing in some ways, and interesting in others. There were lots I didn't realize about Andrea McLean. I read the bit about the bullying when she was younger and how she looks upon it now, I tend to agree with her!
Bullying is all around us, the bullies still bully out of school when adults, they just have a bigger playground! but as she says, they are weak.

I didn't realize she had been so ill either.

It made for very interesting reading as I only ever saw her on Loose Women and didn't realize how she got into television

I read this book last night whilst I couldn't sleep. It was probably because of this very topic, its very close to home with me and my family. I just had to read it all the way through in one sitting or I knew I wouldn't be able to pick it up again.

Its one of those books that you HAVE to read but know you shouldn't, if you know what I mean.

Yep, The Nolans, All I really knew about them were that they used to sing and they were sisters. I knew one of them struggled against cancer. I saw one of them on Loose Woman and in the Iceland advert.!!! Each chapter went between one or the other of the sisters talking, it was like a conversation going on, really a good book, nicely written, unique. Where one chapter ended being spoken by one of them, someone else would pick up the next chapter, well put together, 

There was so much I didn't know about this family, Amazing.

Wow wowee, what a whirlwind is all I can say. 

I thought it was just going to be a romance, how wrong was I, happily so. Go ahead and read this one! you won't be disappointed.

Oh my. Is it me? am I expecting too much?

Sentence of a Marriage was free to download to Kindle, it was one of the first books I ever downloaded and read on Kindle. I so enjoyed it I went and bought the 2nd book in the series. I thoroughly was deep into the story now so I purchased the others to complete it, then I wrote to the author saying how much I enjoyed the books. Made a real impression on me. She told me there was a final book to this instalment. I looked forward to it so very much.

This is it. Yep folks, the long awaited final book. Did I enjoy it? no. The book centred around Daisy, only trouble was, she never grew up in this book and the entire book felt like I was reading one of children's books when they were small. 

So, I hastened to add, enjoy the other books in the series, they are GREAT, but don't waste your time and money on this one. Only my humble opinion.

I really tried, honest I did. I just couldn't get attached to this book at all no matter how hard I tried. I saw so many people saying how good it was, and some saying they didn't enjoy it at all. 

Well, I had to give it a go, didn't I? Not content with that, I tried to watch the film, that was even worse for me, my brain just couldn't compute what I was seeing, so I would say, in my humble opinion its a bit like Marmite, you love it, or you hate it.

I am so sorry if this upsets the author of this story, but, I am an honest person and this is how I felt about this 'book'.
Its not a book at all, its not even said to be a short story, its more like a letter. It had a beginning, and an end, no middle 

This author has been one I have wanted to get around to reading for a long time, but other books got in the way, I'm not sure why. Maybe too many books and not time to read them.

A little boy goes missing, but its not straight forward. It has twists and turns that kept me guessing right to the last, I enjoyed it so much I was discussing it with hubby over dinner. He only reads autobiographies and I recommended he read this book.

He was hesitant at first. He's not such an avid reader as I am, only reads mostly at night when relaxing. I can only say, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was talking about it part way through and at the end! Was it good, oh yes!

My kind of read! I have never heard of this author and was lucky to get this book to download for free one day. When I started to read it, I found it very easy reading, the story opened almost right away and for me, this means I will enjoy the book.

I don't do spoilers, but just to say, I'm glad I didn't like in the 1800's I'm sure I wouldn't have been so lenient on my husband!

I gave it 4 stars as in the middle of the book before a lot of disasters occurred it was a bit boring, but then it livened up with a lot of things happening. 

If you liked Catherine Cookson, or like Anne Bennett, those sort of reads, then this is along those lines

Excellent book from start to finish. If you liked Catherine Cookson or Joan Jonker type of reads then this book won't disappoint you one bit.

Its not a straight forward storyline that you know what the ending is going to be,and I'd love to see a follow up of this book.

It only took me 2 days to read this, or should I say, nights at I read mostly on the evenings and before going to bed.
Meet this lovely author online on a Facebook I help to admin about [guess what! yep, books] He's not a pushy chap, very nice and pleasant. He even offered to sign a book for my daughter who was over the moon to say the least.

I finally got around to reading this book. I know my daughter read it and enjoyed it, but she is 30 to my 55 yrs old!
I was very surprised in reading this, easy to read and understand as I know nothing about body language apart from being a mom and knowing when your being lied to!!!

The research that has gone into this publication must have taken a lot of time and observation. It makes you aware of what your body gives away without knowledge. You can say something that isn't quite the entire 100% give away but the body won't let you lie. I'm now thinking of wearing a straight jacket!!!

Seriously, if you haven't read it, its worth reading. I learnt a lot not just about the interviews taken with MJ but about body language in itself
I just can't express enough how I loved this book.
I'd not heard of Doreen McNicol at all, and I will be honest, the book cover didn't tempt me, it was the Title of the book that drew me to it, then when checking the book out closer I realized there was some potential here that intrigued me.

I am so glad that I've got beyond 'judging a book by its cover' this one of the best books I have read so far this year.